IceHrm v31.0.0 released

We are glad to announce the latest release of IceHrm with a number of improvements to existing features and bug fixes.

Learn how your employees are doing

With COVID-19 most of the companies are working remotely. When working remotely or even from the workplace it’s really important to know how your employees are feeling. As a pilot project, we are allowing IceHrm users to set their mode and daily goals via the dashboard.

Going forward we will be providing more tools for HR admins to view and use these data to improve employee satisfaction and detect potential workplace issues early.

Performace reviews made easy

In this release, we have dedicated a lot of time to improving the performance management module focusing more on user experience. Now the managers can define and track employee performance and goals within a single performance review.

Now there is a better way to provide self-feedback and collect 360-degree feedback from your colleagues.

List of peer feedbacks

Your colleagues can now provide a rating with the feedback.

Other improvements

With these main features, we are shipping v31.0.0 with some more improvements around filtering and security issues.

Here is the full changelog for v31.0.0:

Release note v31.0.0.PRO

🧲 New features

* Redesigned performance review module.
* Improvements to leave type form.
* Allow filtering employee skills using either skill or the employee.
* Employee training sessions ability to filter by employee.
* Improvements to employee filters in education, certifications and languages.
* Add category and employee to employee expense filters.
* Allow filtering leave rules by leave type.
* Ability set employee status and daily goals.

🐛 Bug fixes
* Filtering fixed on monitor attendance page.
* Filters on employee travel request are fixed.
* Fix issue: searching from any other page than first page is not showing search results.
* Fix filters for employee projects.
* Changes to employee field names are now correctly reflected on employee profile.
* Fix company document visibility issues.
* Issue with saving leave rules.
* Show active employee count under connection module.

💻 For developers
* Add slider component.
* Add editor js.

🗑️ Features removed
* Announcement and discussions modules are removed.
* Module grouping feature is removed.

🛡️ Security improvements
* Fixing
* Fixing