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Avoid Payroll Errors Using IceHrm Payroll Module

Avoid Payroll Errors Using IceHrm Payroll Module

Payroll errors can happen faster than you think. Think for a moment about employees for whom the monthly salary is the only source of income. Imagine what happens if the salary is not paid properly or if there is a delay in the payment of the salary. Such irregularities can affect employee morale and, ultimately, the productivity of the business. It is important to ensure that wages are paid accurately and on time. Failure to comply with these laws can have serious legal and financial consequences. To keep your employees happy and comply with the law, you need to effectively manage the company's payroll. So let IceHrm to take care of your company payroll.

Use IceHrm for fast and Accurate Payroll

- Store employee salary details with and group into salary components - Calculate various deductions - Include overtime payments into employee salary slips depending on number of hours - Add salary components based on attendance sheets - Allow employees to download payslips in PDF format

Use IceHrm for fast and Accurate Payroll

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