How to allow only female staff members to apply for maternity leave?

To do this using your IceHrm software, you need first categorize your employees to female and male. If you have already done that, you can skip up to the 5th step and go ahead.

1. Log in to your organization’s admin account

2. Under the Manage module click on Leave option, go to Leave Group function and select Edit Leave Groups option

3. Click on Add New and create a group of females. Repeat it for the Male group if necessary

4. Then again go back to Leave Group function and select Leave Group Employees option

5. Start grouping your employees based on their Genders. Click on Add New and select the employee name and the Gender and save it. Repeat it to all the employees

6. Once you are done, you can see a list of employees grouped based on their genders

7. Then go to the Leave Type and click on Add New. Create the new leave type for the maternity leaves. Include the number of maternity leaves you wish to allow for your female employees and fill the rest of the fields and Save

8. Then go to the Leave Rule option and click on Add New

9. Select the Leave Type as Maternity Leave which you created on the 7th step

10. Select the Leave Group as Female

11. Fill the rest of the fields according to your HR policy and Save it

Now, assigning maternity leaves for female workers of your organization is no longer a long & time-consuming task if you use IceHrm Software.