Expenses Management

IceHrm Expense Module helps you record, track and approve expenses. With IceHrm, you can define your own multi-level approval process to accurately approve employee expenses.

Record, Track and Approve Expenses

IceHrm expense module is the best tool you can use to simplify your expense tracking and approval processes. IceHrm lets you define your own expense categories and payment methods, so you can categorize all your employee expenses correctly to reduce any errors and delays.

To make reviewing expenses easier for you, IceHrm lets you upload receipts and additional attachments to justify your expenses. This will help managers review expenses accurately.

Adding approvers to IceHrm employees.
Multi-level approval process for expenses

IceHrm lets you add up to four approvers to approve or reject an employee expense. This can help ensure that the employee expenses are reviewed and approved by the correct people.

Usually, an employee adds an expense request and the manager approves it. But when you have other approvers defined under the employee’s profile, once the manager completes the approval the request will be sent to the first approver. Then the second approver will receive the request when the first approver approves it and so on.

When there are multiple approvers, the expense request is considered approved only after the manager of the employee and other approvers finish the approval process.

View Logs
View Logs

If you want to view when and how an expense record was approved or rejected, view logs can be extremely useful.

These logs show you how the status of an expense record was changed over time and who was responsible for the change of the status. Apart from that, the logs display when the change was made as well. These logs can be extremely useful when reviewing an expense record.

Retrieve Expense Records
Find expense records instantly

The expense module has filtering options that let you filter expense records by employee, expense category, and even the status of the expense record. This saves you time and you will be able to get expense records that are required within just a couple of seconds.

Expense Report Generation
Generate reports

Reports can be incredibly useful for better decision-making, budget planning, creating future plans, and so on. Using IceHrm you can generate various useful reports including an expense report.

You can generate expense reports for an individual employee or for all employees at once. IceHrm also lets you select the time period that should be included in the report and the status of the expense records that need to be included as well.