Asset Management

Manage and monitor your company assets with IceHrm Asset Management Module. IceHrm lets you define asset types, upload attachments for future reference, assign assets to employees and so much more.

Add company asset records

Manage and Monitor Company Assets

IceHrm’s asset module lets you different asset types according to your company’s requirements. When defining asset types you can even upload an attachment for future reference.

Once the asset types are defined, you can then add records of all the assets that are assigned to different employees.

Add custom fields to store more information

Add Custom Fields To Store Additional Asset Data

If the fields provided by IceHrm are not sufficient for you to store important data about your company assets, use the custom field feature to add additional fields to the assets module.

You can add any number of custom fields to the assets form. IceHrm also lets you add various types of custom fields such as text area, numbers, drop-down lists, and many more.

Filter Asset Records

Filter Asset Records

Trying to find a record among tens and hundreds of records can be stressful and time-consuming. So to help you find the exact record you are looking for, IceHrm has several filtering options for the asset module, so you can filter records by employee, department, or even the asset type.

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