Advantages and disadvantages of leave management systems

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Many managers complained about the time and effort required to process employee leave, process individual leave information, and ensure compliance with the company’s leave policy. Leave requests should be processed daily, and the processing method includes checking the employee’s leave history, that is, the leave taken by the employee in a particular period and the leave available for the future.

A good leave management system benefits both the company and its employees. It enables the intelligent planning of an employee’s absence in advance. In this way, employees can also plan their leave according to the company’s personnel requirements at a specific point in time. A good leave management system is basically a process in which employees can apply for leave online and the employer can adjust various leave categories and adjust the leave policy to the company. This process also allows employees to request leave, view the previous leave history, and the employer can review and approve leave requests and track the current leave.

The commitment of our employees has aroused great interest in recent years. For this reason, many companies have their own departments and managers to ensure that employee engagement increases. In addition to employee satisfaction, it plays a vital role in the success of a company. Although there is no universal formula that can work for everyone, most of them try a combination of initiatives and stick to those who work best for them. One way in which management can ensure that employees are consistently engaged is to encourage them to take time out to overcome the monotony.

Although it may seem simple, there are many things that can go wrong with it. Manual tracking of employee attendance and leave is undoubtedly one of the most tedious and cumbersome tasks. Manual attendance tracking leads to delays and accounting errors, making employees dissatisfied and dissatisfied.

What is mean by the leave management system for employees?

The Leave Management System is a platform that allows employees to track their used and available vacation and individual status with just a few clicks. In addition, the employee is able to create several vacation policies according to the company’s standards. These systems are able to effortlessly plan and manage employee time. They enable the HR department to easily manage the presence of employees working in multiple time zones, multiple locations and shifts.

Advantages of a vacation management system

Ease of use:

Leave management systems greatly simplify the administration of the process. With an Internet connection, you can be anywhere in the world and have a clear view of who works and who doesn’t, without having to open books or spreadsheets. In addition, most of the best employee management solutions are incredibly intuitive, which means they immediately alert management if there is a shortage of over-staffing, in case errors, are made in team planning.

Simple leave policies:

Absenteeism policies can be configured according to the organization’s vacation policies. We have programmed everything steps by step, which makes it much easier for HR managers to create these policies.

Authorization to leave:

This is a very important feature for both employees and managers. Executives know at a glance how many people have taken leave for a certain period of time. It helps them decide on the approval of new applications and is also highlighted in case of violations of the rules.

Some services are in the cloud, so employees can also make a request on their mobile phone when they are on-site or at home. Managers also have access to the phone, iPad and other devices that they can share whenever they want. The vacation log is generated automatically, giving individuals a clear picture of the different types of vacation — vacation pay, vacation credits per month, vacation days are taken, and any adjustment of the backlog at a glance for a specific period.

Maintain accuracy:

Automated employee vacation calculation eliminates errors and ensures that even the most complex vacation rules are applied accurately and easily. In addition, a comprehensive overview of staff utilization helps companies to plan more effectively and adapt staff levels to conditions.


Companies today are increasingly aware of the importance of transparency in the workplace. The company-wide provision of all information for employees and their managers makes the holiday system even more transparent. This enables every member of the organization to see their holiday history and balance. Your supervisors will also share this information, making the approval or rejection of vacation trips more transparent.

Ensure compliance with the Holiday Directive:

The online leave tracking system, adopted in accordance with the company’s leave policy, can ensure compliance with the company’s leave policy by using inherent rules that do not allow employees or managers to leave only their favorites at work.

Accurate and precise information:

Through an operational online vacation system, you can access accurate information on employees’ vacation days and the number of vacation days they have taken, vacation trends and immediately create vacation balances. This transforms the process into a single step instead of manually browsing the vacation record sheets to filter the information you need. By integrating the online vacation management system with the online payroll software, the easiest way to create accurate payrolls that offer a number of benefits is to integrate the online vacation management system with the online payroll system.

Leave the political conscience behind you:

The systems are designed to accurately display the number of available vacation days and the number of days required before requesting scheduled or extended leave. Employees can consult the leave policy at any time before requesting leave, or even take a sabbatical leave if the company has a reserve.

Involves discipline:

Vacation management systems are designed to strictly comply with the company’s vacation policies and local labor laws. Employees and managers can use the system without discrimination. Easy access to personal holiday history and availability of holiday periods can improve accuracy and strengthen discipline within an organization. It can also improve the attendance of employees who are aware of the consequences of non-compliance with leave regulations.

Disadvantages of the vacation management system

Security issues:

Security is one of the biggest concerns. Systems must be designed to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive and confidential data, as well as inadvertent disclosure. This generally required many “departments” and access authorizations, all of which had to be monitored and maintained.


Then there is the cost factor. Especially for small businesses, this can be a problem. Each system has acquisition and maintenance costs. Software as Service systems is easier to manage from a cost point of view because they are cloud-based and do not require so much effort to start with. Larger facilities are likely to hire an IT specialist to manage the system. Costs are one of the most important factors in choosing a good vacation management system. Without exception, good ones always seem a little expensive. Especially for small businesses, this can be a problem. Each system has acquisition and maintenance costs. Generally, these systems are easier to handle from a cost point of view, as they require little initial effort.


For a limited number of employees, the installation process is quite short. However, if the number is huge, the cost of hiring an IT specialist to manage the system is likely.

Scalability :

Small businesses tend to move away from the status quo and expand over time. For example, they first chose a simple vacation management system for their limited number of employees. As they grow, the system should be able to evolve with them. It is not logical for companies to change systems every time they increase their workforce.

Before making a decision, you must therefore carefully analyze the leave management system. It will also save you a lot of time and effort in the long term.

How to choose a vacation management service provider?

Uniform delivery:

That goes without saying, but there is nothing more valuable than a partner who can do what he says. The best way to verify the company’s ability to deliver the goods is to assign several short assignments of four to eight weeks and see how it handles them. Do they do what they say? Does it work well? Pay attention to the consistency of the execution of certain projects. If they are consistent, they have probably anchored quality and precision in their work culture.

IT infrastructure and certifications:

This also applies to large outsourcing relationships where the use of a first-class IT infrastructure and data security is essential. Companies with long-time employees may have another problem: complacency. The longer they stay in the company, the more comfortable it becomes for them. The more comfortable they are, the less anxious they are to stay informed. This does not mean that all employees do it, but it happens often enough for you to be able to check it. It is very important that you discuss with the consultants the certificates they hold, their seniority and what the company is doing to keep them informed of the latest tools and techniques, etc.

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