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5 Modern Revelations in Employee Attendance Management

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If you are still using a manual attendance management system, consider switching to an automated system.

Did you know that attendance management systems can actually help increase employee productivity and engagement?

Here are some surprising facts that may convince you that attendance management systems are for you:

1. Employee Attendance Through Attendance Tracking Software Has a Direct Relationship With Profitability.

A Gallup survey shows that workplaces with high commitment can show 41% lower absenteeism, 40% fewer quality defects and 21% higher profitability.

Absenteeism and tardiness not only contribute to lost productivity, but can also have a negative impact on work morale. By reducing tardiness and absenteeism, attendance management systems can help businesses improve their bottom line.

By following the attendance patterns of the employees, the company can identify problems at an early stage and take measures to solve them. For example, if an employee is constantly late for work, the system can trigger a warning or notification to the employee's supervisor. In some cases, the system can even deduct the employee's salary automatically if he or she is late....

2. An Attendance Management System Strengthens Morale In the Workplace.

An important part of maintaining a happy and productive workforce is ensuring that employees are held accountable for their attendance.

If there is no effective system for attendance management, it is possible that employees are absent or call in sick even though they are not really sick, which affects work morale.

By adopting an attendance management system, companies can help improve team morale. The software helps create a culture of transparency where employees can monitor and access their time and attendance data. In addition, the system can help companies identify absenteeism patterns, which can then be handled with targeted measures.

3. By Switching From Manual to Automatic Registration, Employers Save Time and Money.

According to Founder space, employers spend an average of seven minutes per timesheet or employee. Imagine you have to calculate salaries for 50 employees manually - that's 350 minutes or 5 hours.

With a personnel management system, employees can sign in and out with the push of a button. The HR technology automatically calculates the number of working hours, which eliminates the need for manual data entry and calculations.

In this way, the company can significantly reduce the risk of data errors and the time spent on paying wages each week.

4. Only 19% of Employers Track Their Employee's Working Hours

A recent time recording study shows that only 19% of employers record the time of their employees.

The survey also showed that companies are more likely to track the time of hourly employees, and almost half of all employers use some form of time recording for this group.

These findings show that the majority of companies do not know how much time their employees spend on real work.

There may be several reasons why employers do not record the time of their employees. First, it can be difficult to measure exactly how much time someone works. Clerks are less likely to clock in and out for breaks, and they may work more irregular hours than hourly workers.

However, by tracking how much time employees spend, employers can identify areas where they can be more productive. The good news is that today it is possible for employees to record their time and even clock in and out.

5. 80% of Employee's Timesheets Contain Errors.

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, as many as 80% of employee timesheets contain errors. This can be a big problem for businesses, as incorrect timesheets can lead to problems with payroll and inaccurate recording.

There are many reasons why employees make mistakes in their timesheets. Either they simply forget to stamp in or out, or they are not fully aware of the company's guidelines for breaks and overtime.

The catch is that the system for managing employee attendance offers a practical and automated solution for time recording. The system registers and collects time entries in real time, which ensures accurate and fast salary payment.


With so many possibilities, it is no wonder that companies prefer a system for absence registration. The software is a good tool for getting an overview of the employees' time and attendance.

Incorporating an automated attendance management system like IceHrm can revolutionize workplace efficiency, boost morale, and mitigate costly errors, paving the way for a more productive and transparent work environment.

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