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Attendance Management Software: A Smart Way to Track Employee Attendance

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When it comes to workplace management, there are several problems. Surprisingly, attendance management and staff time monitoring are high on that list. You wouldn't imagine it to be such a difficult task, considering that all one had to do was record their attendance, go about their business, and be done with it. However, the days of punching cards and signing on registers have passed.

For today's firms, here's what contemporary attendance management entails:
‍- A secure and scalable system that allows employees to manage their time from any location, at any time, and using any device.
- A system that may be tailored to the organization's attendance and leave regulations, as well as flexible work hours.
- Also included is a way for precisely calculating the total number of hours worked by remote employees and integrating that data into payroll systems with little administrative overhead.

You've come to the correct spot if you're seeking for ways to get your staff attendance management back on track. IceHrm's Attendance Management software is intended to help firms navigate remote work problems and support employees when they return to the office.

The most effective methods for tracking employee attendance: IceHrm Attendance Management

1. Easy to use

Aside from making employees' life simpler by allowing them to check in and out with the push of a button, IceHrm allows HR and administrators to easily establish up attendance cycles across the business and track team attendance.

2.Suitable for both on-site and remote work

IceHrm's Attendance Management software is cloud-based, it works for all teams, whether in-office or remote. Self-check-ins make managing attendance easy without making it a nuisance. On-site, biometric checks can be integrated into the attendance management system to facilitate attendance monitoring. Furthermore, while working remotely, the GPS tracking capability allows the system to record the employee's position at the time of clocking in.

3.Report creation

IceHrm's Attendance Management software not only records employees' hours properly, but it also collects data that may be utilized to calculate payroll. Regular attendance reports are also available to HR and administrators.

4.Regularization of attendance

If an employee makes an error while marking attendance, it can be easily corrected with IceHrm.

Do these top techniques to track employee attendance sound like something your company would require in the new normal? Sign up for a cloud account at IceHrm right now!

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