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6 Features to Look For In a PTO Tracking Software

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Whether you own a small business or manage the HR department in a large organisation, a holiday and sick leave meter is an important tool for managing your employees' holiday wishes. Choosing the right software is the first step on the road to creating an organized system that fits your company's unique needs.

That is why you need a system for holiday and sickness absence registration

Do you currently use a manual tracking system to handle your employees' leave requests? Then it's time to ditch data entry and spreadsheets and start using a system with automated absenteeism tracking features. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from the transition:

  • Time savings. A good salary and benefits tracking tool will save you time. As you improve your people management systems, the HR department has less to do. The result is greater efficiency, allowing the HR team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than repetitive tasks.
  • Increased employee satisfaction. PTO is an important fringe benefit for employees. Show them you support them by providing a reliable tool for tracking vacation pay, leave requests and sick leave.
  • Clear documentation. With the right tool in place, you can easily access holiday and sickness absence registrations, including information on accrued free time as well as requested and approved holiday days.

Which Tracking Software Features You Should Consider

If you search the web for a vacation and sick leave registration tool, you will find a wide variety of options. Take your company's needs as a starting point before deciding whether to choose a simple tool or a dynamic software that can be integrated with other software solutions.

Here are six of the most important features you should have in a time tracking software.

1. Scalability

When choosing vacation and sick leave tracking software, make sure the tool can scale as your business grows. Think not only about potential growth over the coming year, but also about expected changes over the next three to five years. Choose a software that suits today's needs and that can be adapted as your company's needs change.

2. Self-service for employees

How often does it not happen that requests for time off are missed or lost in the pile of papers in the HR office? Avoid these problems by streamlining the system with a self-service function for employees. This feature allows each employee to view their own PTO balance, submit requests, and check approval status.

3. Tracking of earnings and balance

A good holiday and sick leave tracking gives you the opportunity to adapt accrual rates for each individual employee. In addition, the software keeps track of ongoing earnings, with real-time reporting showing how many PTO hours each employee has in their account. Set up accrued time tracking right away to avoid having to calculate accrued time manually - and potentially miss hours.

4. Reports on request

Managers often want to see monthly overviews showing all leave and absence requests. These reports provide an overview of when the employees will be away from the office. Rapid generation of reports saves you valuable time and reduces the likelihood of role conflicts.

5. Requests and Approvals

Most companies require an approval process before employees are given time off. For example, you can configure the system so that when an employee submits a request for time off, a notification is sent to the manager for approval.

6. Handling of other requests for time off

Employees can also request other types of time off, such as maternity leave, bereavement leave and more. Make sure your tracking software has a feature to track the various categories for all PTO requests.

In the realm of efficient leave management, IceHrm stands out as a comprehensive solution that goes beyond mere tracking. With features like scalability, self-service functionality, and customizable reporting, IceHrm transforms PTO tracking into a streamlined and employee-friendly process, ensuring your business stays ahead in workforce management.

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