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Effortless Vacation Tracking for Employee Time Off Management

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It's holiday time! Either you cheer with joy and look forward to lazy days on a camping trip. Or you immediately become anxious when you think about holiday follow-up and handling requests from the employees. It shouldn't be like this.

Perhaps you are a manager who is responsible for coordinating all the holiday wishes of the employees during the summer. Or maybe it's just you who has been designated as the "gatekeeper". In any case, it can be a difficult balancing act to get everyone to take a holiday during the summer months. On the one hand, you want to make sure you can accommodate everyone's holiday wishes, but on the other hand, you have a business to run and projects to complete.

The holiday tracking problem

If you are like most holiday managers, you have a faithful calendar hanging somewhere in the office with ink stains and marker marks marking who is on holiday and when. You also end up spending time sending and sending emails back and forth to your employees to find out when they should take time off.

In addition, no one in the office knows who is off when, unless they record the conversation between themselves. You can hang your practical calendar outside the office door, but there has to be a better solution than a recorded, blank paper calendar and email lists.

Who has what left?

Even if you think it's good to have a relic from the past, the calendar cannot keep track of how many leaves and vacation days each employee has taken. And more importantly, how many days they have left.

You can have a nice spreadsheet with all these numbers, and you can even share it with your employees, but keeping it updated every day is a burden you don't need. You need something a little more connected and up-to-date.

Bid farewell to holiday management headaches with IceHrm. Elevate your experience with effortless vacation tracking that ensures seamless coordination of employee time off, promoting a stress-free work environment and optimal productivity.

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