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5 Key Benefits of Using a Staff Holiday Planner

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Manual handling of different types of holiday in an organization can often be time-consuming, inaccurate and disjointed. By adopting a holiday planner that makes processes much easier, faster and more streamlined, you remove much of the administrative burden and ensure that your organization has control over employees' holidays in the smartest possible way.

In this blog, we have compiled five benefits of using a holiday planner or vacation planner.

5 benefits of using a holiday planner

Make it easy to request and approve vacation for employees

One of the most important benefits of using a vacation system is how easy it is to request, approve and record vacation. It gives employees a much better experience, as they don't have to send an email to request time off and wait for a response that can take days to receive or be overlooked.

Employees also have a full overview of their holiday rights in one and the same system, so they can see exactly how much holiday they have booked and how much is left. This helps to give the employees more ownership and responsibility for their holiday. They can decide for themselves how and when they want to take their holiday, and with the help of personal and group calendars they can plan their holiday in relation to their colleagues.

Full overview of all leave for better resource planning

Having a vacation planner for your employees is a much more efficient way to schedule resources than using spreadsheets or paper to organize everyone's vacation.

With a system like IceHrm, you can see how much holiday the employees take and when, so that you can plan resources efficiently and ensure that workflow, projects and busy periods are not disrupted.

When you have an overview of everyone's holiday money, you can also see who is not spending as much of their holiday money as they perhaps should. If someone hasn't taken a break from work in weeks or months, it may be time for the HR manager to step in and encourage them to take a vacation. It's important to take regular breaks from work to keep productivity up - if you try to 'idle', you become less focused and perform less, which can lead to presenteeism and burnout.

Avoid collisions during the employees' holiday

By using a holiday registration system for the employees, it is easier to avoid collisions in the holiday process. If you use spreadsheets or paper to record holiday use, it's easy to overlook if too many employees have booked the same dates.

Manage leave for part-time and full-time employees, by days or hours, in one and the same system

One of the challenges for organizations with part-time and full-time employees is often to distinguish between the different leave rights and keep track of how much of the holiday is used.

Therefore, it is of great help to have a leave management system that automatically calculates leave entitlements for both part-time and full-time employees. Time off can also be calculated and booked in hours or days - a big plus if you offer TOIL (time off in lieu).

Ditch the manual processes and automate the process

By automating leave management, you can reduce the time currently spent on manual processes, while improving the leave experience for employees. Whether you have a mix of part-time and full-time employees, employees who work shifts, or people who are entitled to extended leave, everything can be managed in one and the same system.

With IceHrm you can also create custom leaves, so if you offer extra holiday days in the form of well-being days or days for mental health, these can easily be logged separately.

Streamline your organization's holiday management with IceHrm, a comprehensive solution that simplifies leave requests, enhances resource planning, and fosters a more efficient work environment.

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