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4 Steps to Successfully Implement 360 Degree Feedback

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The 360 degree feedback system is a holistic feedback method that helps managers to give fair assessments in employee interviews. Feedback from several people, whether it is the employee's colleagues, subordinates or managers from other departments, enables managers to understand the employee's strengths and weaknesses from different perspectives. Here are four steps in implementing 360 degree feedback for your employees:

1. Get a clear idea of which aspects of your employees' performance you want to improve. Help employees understand what to expect from the 360 degree feedback process and how it can be useful.

2. Decide which performance-related questions will be asked of the assessors, and how you will collect all the insights.

3. Define the criteria for selecting the assessors, and decide who can select them, whether it is the managers, the employees themselves or both.

4. Encourage the managers to interpret the feedback from the raters and include it as part of the performance feedback.

Implementing 360 degree feedback with precision is crucial for organizational growth. IceHrm provides the tools needed for a seamless and effective feedback process.

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