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Why your best employees leave your organization?

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The fact that an employee you really admire leaves your company can sometimes seem like an insult. In a perfect business world, none of your best employees would leave, but sometimes they would.

Instead of tracking their LinkedIn account and desperately waiting to see who they left you for, use your time more productively, and consider why they left. A company that can work for some may not work for others. That is, there are some specific workplace complaints that often lead to your best employee quitting.

Below are the main reasons why your best employee quits and we even have the solution:

Reason 1

Employees are not recognized

One of the reasons your best employee quits is because his work is not recognized or because he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. More than half (55.3%) of Australia’s workforce feel unrecognized in their work and 49% of people would give up their job for a job where their performance and contributions would be recognized.

The solution

Employee recognition has proven to be the key to employee satisfaction and loyalty. It has been proven that it can reduce stress and increase productivity if you spend a few minutes of the day noticing the good things your employees do. Here are three ways to recognize an employee.

Recognize your contribution as an individual by thanking them for how they are improving the office environment.

Recognize their contribution to work by commenting on something they have done well in a current project; for example: “You have done very well to present this client, especially how well you have handled this issue.

Recognition for his contribution to the company: “Thank you for being a great accountant. It’s as easy as really thanking them, and a little goes a long way.

Reason 2

Poor or miscommunication

If we don’t tell people what they’re doing, they usually won’t do it. Clear communication is essential for the proper functioning of any company. A good workplace illustrates transparency between employees and employers through simple and open communication. Lack of communication makes employees feel neglected, often leading to mistrust of management and confusion.

While poor communication can be the main reason for your best employees to leave, it can easily be corrected. Simple changes in work practices can completely change the office’s communications.

The solution

Although poor communication is probably the main reason your best employees leave the company, it can be easily repaired. A simple change in working practices, such as replying to employee emails within 24 hours, would be very effective.

Another solution is to track tasks and create weekly reports to keep your employees informed of developments, and it’s also a good time to learn what’s happening in the workplace. Remember that this measure is essential for effective communication.

Often employees will not contact you because they don’t want to disappoint you, and that’s a problem because it could be a big problem that has bothered them. Employees won’t feel safe if they can’t talk to you openly. If the employee does not have confidence, it means that he does not have confidence in his work.

Reason 3

You don’t see a future in the company

One of the reasons why your best employee resigns is that he or she does not see a future for himself or herself in the company. If your employees are not pursuing a career or a business objective, they are unlikely to see a bright future. This is a sure sign that their work is at a dead end.

No one wants to be a sailor for five years with the sole task of cleaning the deck. Employees need to see themselves and the workplace change, and you owe it to them. Remember that with the development of your best employee, you develop your business.

The solution

A simple solution to the problem is to make your employee a leader. Try to give them the opportunity to lead a project and allow them to find their own solutions.

Help your employees learn and educate. Whether formally by teaching and developing their skills or informally through on-the-job training. When employees realize that their leader is concerned about their career development, they will strive to stay in the company and achieve these goals.

Also, encourage them to assess their own professional responsibilities and describe what they know how to do and what they want to focus on to do better.

Reason 4

Does not have a mental disorder

There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk all day and feeling that you have accomplished nothing. When most days are spent in a monotonous cycle, employees who repeat the same tasks every day become unmotivated to do their jobs well.

Your employees are no longer passionate about what they do and are no longer satisfied with the work they do for your company. The quality of their work is constantly declining, along with their morale. Your best employees, who are undisputed in their work, are wasting their time and yours and can even become a burden.

The solution

Use an employee’s skills and encourage them to go beyond what is expected. It’s easier than you think, to seek out and bring out people’s potential, to give them the opportunity to go beyond their titles. Affirms that failure is a learning process and encourages travel.

Finally, ASK; ask your employees for solutions, opinions, and ideas, they are your best resources and they have a high level of knowledge. Not only will they be challenged, but you may even be surprised.

Reason 5

Overworked employee

Nothing exhausts your best employees more than the revision. Revising good employees tends to lead to confusion because they feel they are being punished for their outstanding performance.

A new Stanford study shows that productivity per hour decreases sharply when the working week exceeds 50 hours, and productivity decreases so sharply after 55 hours that you get nothing from more work.

The solution

If you need to increase the workload of your best employees, you also need to increase their positions. Employees will take on more work, but they will not stay in their work suffocates them on the way.

Remember to provide increases, promotions and title changes as well as increased workload. If you only increase the workload because without changing another aspect, they will look for another job that will give them what they deserve.

Reason 6

It was not planned that there would be a

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to happen. This may have nothing to do with you or the company, but this employee has his or her own personal reasons for leaving, all of which are beyond your control. Yes, it may be disappointing, but this upheaval opens the door to opportunities.

A new job is an opportunity for new ideas, different skills and talents intact. Take responsibility and look to the future. You could be the best new employee.


Managing a pool of employees is never easy and it can be devastating to see some of your best employees. But it’s important to ask yourself why the relationship didn’t work and take the time to think.

Remember to appreciate the people you have and indicate where the recognition is due.

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