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Fantastic ways of employee recognition

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Large companies know that their employees are the heart of the company. Satisfied and committed employees not only bring positive energy to the workplace but also increase the company’s profit and turnover.

Employees who are not affected can be a barrier in the workplace as they can withdraw the positive energy they have received from the rest of their colleagues. In other words, employee engagement is an improvement for any company.

Employees who have a positive personal relationship with their management are more likely to be engaged. In addition, employees would feel valued if they or their work were perceived, which encourages constructive employee engagement.

Here are 7 cost-effective methods that companies can use to promote employee recognition:

1. Ask employees and management to appoint/vote the employee of the month

Employees will appreciate the recognition they receive and recognize that their daily performance is recognized. When management awards the Employee of the Month Award, it must know exactly why the employee deserves it and can explain it in writing or publicly during the team’s monthly meeting.

In this way, other employees would learn and work harder the following month. The “winning” employee that the company recognizes will be happy that his or her work has been recognized and appreciated.

2. Reward the team or department that has achieved great success

In addition to awarding the title “Employee of the Month,” management may also reward the team with which you arrived or collaborated. Rewards can be as simple as a management lunch, a voucher or even movie cards so they can enjoy it together after work and make personal connections outside the workplace.

This encourages employees to always work as a team and not just as individuals.

3. Launch an employee evaluation program

Management could initiate an employee evaluation program that demonstrates positive qualities in the workplace. The employee could receive points for a simple task, such as helping colleagues maintain their punctuality or other quality.

These points accumulated at the end of the week or month can be redeemed for small prizes, such as gift vouchers, or for certain benefits, such as half an hour earlier in the day. Implementing an employee recognition program can increase employee engagement.

4. Acknowledge the personal performance of your employees

Employees will appreciate it when management recognizes their personal performance. From donating blood to the Red Cross to handing over keys to your new home, it’s something that makes itself felt outside the workplace.

Although all management recognized these personal achievements, employees do not feel that management was only concerned with the work, but also with the employee’s activities outside the workplace.

5. Express interest in the professional development of your employees

Interest in the professional development of employees does not necessarily mean paying for their training or course. It only means that management is interested in knowing the personal goals of its employees and supporting them in their efforts.

It could mean looking for courses and sending them e-mails to help them reach their goals faster. Employees will appreciate the interest and orientation that this direction gives them to make their dreams come true.

6. Publish and monitor a calendar of public holidays at work

Management should celebrate employees’ birth and employment anniversaries. It doesn’t have to be a surprise party where the family is involved and filled with expensive gifts. It can be a simple birthday cake with a gift certificate or a birthday card with fun notes written by other employees.

7. Call an employee at your office to thank them personally

Normally, when an employee is sent to the management office, he assumes the worst. Calling them and having a short 10-minute conversation with them and telling them that they have done an excellent job would put them at ease and even motivate them to work hard.

There are times when it is very difficult to say “thank you”, so try one of these great ways to thank your employees.

You would be particularly happy to receive honest thanks for the good work.


There are many other cost-effective ways for management to show employees the recognition they deserve. Sometimes, the two most common words used in a company or organization are the simple words “thank you”.

Whatever the method used or practiced, do not forget to make it a ritual and not just “once in a lifetime”.

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