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What Is An HRIS System?

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What is an HRIS (Human Resources Information System)?

Human resources information systems make central human resources work easier and more efficient. HRIS is the future of HR because it allows your company to optimize all HR-related processes.

In this article, IceHrm explains what an HRIS is, the benefits of using this software and how to use it. Read on to find out everything you need to know about HRIS.

What is an HRIS?

A human resources information system is, simply put, an HR software package. A company's HRIS system is used to collect and store data about employees. From hiring to performance management to employee development, good HRIS software can do it all. IceHrm software has all the features required for comprehensive human resources management.

Meaning of HRIS

HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System, but is sometimes also referred to as Human Resources Management System or Human Capital Management.

Benefits of using HRIS

Technology is known for simplifying processes, and the same goes for HRIS. Here are the key benefits of using HRIS software:

More efficiency for HR teams
Since the HRIS software stores and organizes employee master data, central human resources work is significantly simplified. Thanks to automated and streamlined HR processes, HR teams can focus on the human element with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Cloud based
While some HR information systems can operate on a company's technical infrastructure, most systems are now cloud-based. This means the software can be used from anywhere with an internet connection, so you don't have to be at your desk to use it, making it perfect for companies with remote or hybrid work. This also means that the system can be accessed via a mobile phone, laptop or desktop.

You will receive support if necessary
While support varies from company to company, most offer excellent customer support to ensure no questions go unanswered. IceHrm aims to respond to all support tickets within 30 minutes so your employees can continue working efficiently and not wait 2 to 3 business days for an answer to an important question.

At IceHrm you also have a personal account manager who will personally support you from onboarding to implementation so that you can get the most out of your HR software.

HRIS software has many useful features

IceHrm software has a wide range of features that support all elements of HR work. Here are the features of our software:

  1. Absent management
  2. Asset management
  3. Management of documents
  4. Expenses  management
  5. Analyzes and reports
  6. Payroll
  7. Performance management
  8. Recruitment
  9. Time and attendance management
  10. Training and development

    Many HRIS providers, such as IceHrm, also offer API solutions that allow companies to easily transfer data.

Do you need a human resources management system?
If you don't have HRIS software yet, your company can certainly benefit from this HR solution. Visit our information pack or contact us directly to find out more Or book a free demo to try out the solution yourself.

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