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Three Ways To Attract Talent in an Employee-driven Market

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With job vacancies still at an all-time high and not enough talent available to fill the positions, it's fair to say that the job market is now candidate-driven. The pandemic marked a major turning point where workers were given more power and in turn were able to be more selective about their job requirements.

It's no longer just about the salary. People know what they want from an employer and are willing to shop around until they find it - from flexible working arrangements and unlimited holiday pay to company incentives and social events.

So for companies looking to attract and retain employees, it might be time to make some changes if they want to stand out from the competition.

  1. Review of hiring processes
    It is no longer enough to make applicants wait for a response to their application. Delays between phases or an “MIA” after the last interview damage your reputation as an employer, not to mention that competitors are already in the starting blocks to poach applicants. That's why it's important that change begins in the hiring cycle. HR software like IceHrm can streamline the entire process from start to finish. Innovative solutions help you automate communication with candidates and guide them effortlessly through all stages, while improving the quality of your hires. Our technology allows you to do this all through a central system, allowing both sides to track progress while saving time and money on recruiting new employees.
  2. Be open to the benefits
    Candidates look for incentives that not only match their work habits but also reward them for their time. This includes things like the ability to work from home (WFH) and flexible work options, healthcare packages, expense allowances and so on. If your benefits packages are looking a little lacking, it's time to look at how you can improve the quality of life for your employees and potential new hires. On the other hand, if you already have great perks, don't be afraid to brag about them! Ultimately, incentives are key for applicants with multiple job offers. If you're not upfront about what you can offer your employees, expect talent to leave for your competitors.
  3. Give them a taste of the company culture
    If an applicant decides to work for your company, they commit to spending up to 40 hours per week, sometimes even more, with the company - be it in the office or at home. So company culture is much more important than you might think. And often it is a deciding factor for many young professionals if they do not agree with the values of a particular company. Understanding this from the start will also increase retention rates. Applicants need to get a feel for the brand, the people and the place where they will work before accepting a job offer to decide if this is the right company for them. They want to be involved and involved right from the start. Employers can achieve this by creating a positive, fun experience throughout the hiring process. If you e.g. For example, if you have a cool office with ping pong tables or a social calendar where the team gets together every month, make this clear. Or better yet, why not invite them over to their workplace to take a look around or send them some goodies home in the mail? Not only will this help you stand out from other applicants, but it will also help you determine whether they will fit into the company.

A final note

Ultimately, you should listen to what candidates want from you. Employers tend to be very open about the type of person and experience needed to fill a position, but are less interested in asking potential employees what would attract them to work for the company. It could be something simple that tips the scales in your favor over your biggest competitor.

If you would like to improve your recruiting chances with our help, get in touch with our team to discuss IceHrm's comprehensive features.

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