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What Does HR Reporting Mean?

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Reporting is an essential part of most business areas. It is important to be able to see and assess whether the goals have been achieved, what is costing more than estimated, and where the goal may be missed.

Human resources represents the human element of a company, which is why HR reporting provides actionable information about employees. From employee performance to employee retention to sales per employee, the data from HR metrics enables your company to make informed decisions and achieve its goals.

Read on to learn more about HR reports and how IceHrm software can help your business succeed.

How to create an HR report?

With the help of our analysis and reporting functionality, it's easy to create an HR report. You can create graphs, charts, and tables with real-time data to present detailed information and insights in an attractive, boardroom-friendly format.

Because we know time is money, we've provided over 30 popular reports to help you integrate your data in seconds. If you prefer to create your own report, the user-friendly features will help you create an impressive report with ease.

What types of HR reports are there?

Just as every company has different departments, so does the human resources department. There are a number of key HR metrics that divide the various elements of HR into sections, each of which should receive their own reports. Here are the five main types of HR reports and what they should contain:

Recruitment report
A hiring report should include the average time to hire a new employee and the average cost per hire. There are a number of other metrics you can include here, such as: E.g. how many applications you received for open positions, how candidates found out about your position, etc. Use data to help guide your future hiring strategies.

Attendance and absence report
Although absence and attendance can be a sensitive issue, it is crucial to report how much annual and sick leave is taken, as well as why and when. Use the Bradford Factor to calculate and report absence and the resulting loss of productivity.

Performance management report
Performance management reports can help your company see who is performing well, who needs additional training, and who should be considered for promotion. Include disciplinary reports, manager feedback, productivity reports, and performance improvement plans in your report. This makes performance management discussions much more effective and fruitful.

Employee retention and fluctuation report
It is crucial that your company understands its employee retention and turnover. Analysis in these two areas should include how much is being spent on layoffs, new hires and retraining. Add data about how long an employee stayed, the reasons for their departure, and other information about employee satisfaction. This information can help you develop solutions to retain your top talent.

Training and Development Report
Providing training and development opportunities for employees is paramount if you want to have a competent and engaged workforce. With the help of HR analytics, you can measure and report on the learning and development of your employees. For example, how many employees (and who exactly) have taken part in compulsory training? How much was spent on training? How much training do employees complete? How satisfied is your level of satisfaction? Have the processes improved after the respective training?

How important is HR reporting for a company?

Detailed HR reports show what is working and what is not in an organization. The reports provide actionable data so that goals can be achieved and solutions can be developed to improve performance. HR reports can help improve a company in all areas. With the evolution of HR analytics compared to standard reporting, your reports can now even predict what might happen, making them forward-thinking and solution-focused.

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