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Performance Review Software & The Benefits That Comes With It

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Employees' performance plays a decisive role in the company's success. Employee interviews provide valuable feedback that can influence performance and improve productivity. Employee interview software can help make employee interviews in an organization more efficient and accurate, and can therefore be a valuable addition to an existing HRIS system or be an important element when choosing a new HRIS system.

What is Employee Engagement Software?

Employee interviews can be difficult to carry out manually, especially if they are only carried out once a year. It can be difficult for both managers and employees to remember exactly what the employee has done during the year. This is where employee chat software comes into play.

Employee interview software is HR software that offers functions related to employee interviews. Employee interview software can help companies manage employee interviews and streamline the entire process. Employee interview software can also be part of a larger system, such as talent management software or an HRIS.

Why do companies use employee interview software?

Companies use employee interview software because they can pre-define a set of standards for different positions in the company. The individual employee's performance can then be compared with the criteria for the position in question. The software can also keep track of the employees' performances throughout the year, so that it is easier to prepare an evaluation when it is time for the annual employee review.

Employee interview software is a great tool for employers. It can help speed up the evaluation process. It can also result in more accurate employee interviews. The employees get a better understanding of what the employee interview means, because it is compared to predefined standards.

Key Benefits of Employee Engagement Software

Many companies still carry out staff interviews by hand. But even if you've gotten by just fine without software to handle your employee calls, that doesn't mean there aren't many benefits to using software. There are many reasons why employee engagement software can be useful for a business of any size.

Year-round performance measurement

When employee interviews are completed on the spot, managers may be biased based on recent events and not consider past performance factors. With employee interview software, managers can keep a running log of notes that can tell a story of the employee's development over time. This means that the employee interview goes from being a "snapshot" of the employee's performance to giving an insight into the employee's development.

Automatic reporting

In addition to the benefits of employee interview software, the software also makes it easier to print, distribute, and store employee interviews. The employer does not have to sit and print out extensive employee interviews manually. The information collected during the selected time period can be easily compiled and inserted into the desired format.

360 degree feedback

Software for employee interviews can vary, but most make it easy to conduct 360-degree interviews. This type of review makes it possible to obtain feedback on employees' performance from customers, colleagues and managers. By looking at feedback from all these sources, managers and HR staff can get a more complete picture of the employee's strengths and weaknesses.

Goal setting

With the more complete picture of the employee's strengths and weaknesses that an employee interview software provides, employers can better assess the employee's training and development needs. After reviewing feedback from multiple sources, the employer can even see if an employee has the potential to do better in another department or in another area of the company. Ideally, this can help reduce turnover when the employee's overall strengths are assessed, as opposed to just the strengths that one manager in one area of the company sees.

History of employee interviews

Employee call software doesn't just help managers put together a single call. The software can also track the history of all employee conversations in the company. In this way, the manager can see how the employee has developed over time, and whether the person in question has improved enough to meet expectations.


Some companies ask their employees to carry out a self-assessment as part of the employee interview. Software for employee interviews can offer a self-service portal where the employees can log in and fill in the self-assessment. The self-assessment can then be compared with the manager's performance evaluation.

Recognition of the employees

Employee reviews have long been considered a valuable tool for employees when it comes to getting feedback on their performance. Studies show that employees prefer even negative recognition of achievements to no recognition at all. Staff interview software can make it easier and faster for managers and HR staff to conduct and deliver periodic employee interviews.

More frequent evaluations

Employee chat software makes it easier for managers and employers to send feedback to employees from a remote location. This gives employers greater flexibility, which can contribute to more frequent employee interviews. Employers may also be inclined to provide more in-depth feedback if the flexibility provided by employee interview software makes it easier to write employee interviews in the office under time pressure.

Less stigma

In the past, employee interviews were often viewed with fear by both employers and employees. This was primarily due to the fact that the annual or half-yearly evaluations were given great importance, and that promotions and salary increases were often dependent on the evaluations. When employee interviews are carried out more often and are only intended to tell the employees what is good and what can be improved, they can be experienced as more positive by all involved.

In conclusion, employee interview software, a crucial component of HR technology, proves instrumental in streamlining performance evaluations, fostering year-round development, and enhancing communication between managers and employees. IceHrm's innovative solutions amplify these benefits, providing a comprehensive platform for seamless and efficient performance review processes.

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