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When Do You Need an Attendance Management System?

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Attendance tracking can bring many benefits to an organization. One of the most important benefits is that it helps the HR and payroll teams to process the payments to the employees in an accurate way. As an HR professional, tracking and storing attendance data will help you ensure you comply with all applicable employment laws. Streamlining attendance strategies can also help ensure that you always have enough resources to complete projects on time. As employees prefer flexibility and work from different parts of the world, the traditional methods of manual attendance tracking are no longer a sustainable solution. This is where a cloud-based attendance management system comes into play. In this blog post, we explain the basics of an attendance management system.

What is an attendance management system?

An attendance management system is a cloud-based HR tool that enables organizations to automate attendance management and keep track of employees' working hours. Either the employees can register their attendance via the web or mobile app, or it can be integrated with a biometric attendance system for automatic synchronization of attendance records. Some attendance systems have facial recognition technology that validates employees' identities when they check in or out. The attendance records are collected in a single system and are available to the HR department anywhere and at any time.

If you're wondering whether you should invest in an attendance management system, there are three signs that your organization needs one:

You register attendance manually

Using physical records or online spreadsheets can seem useful when you only have a handful of employees. However, as the business grows, it can become challenging for the HR team to keep track of employee attendance and collect data for payroll processing. It may also be that the employees find it impractical to register manually every morning. They expect the organization to have a user-friendly attendance tracking system that is easy to use, just like their own technology.

Errors in salaries are not uncommon

When you record employee attendance manually, the data is subject to human error. When you use the same incorrect data for payroll, you can end up calculating your employees' gross pay incorrectly, affecting employee morale and satisfaction. Payroll processing can also take much longer when using this method, as your team must manually calculate employees' working hours, time off and overtime. This may result in you not being paid your wages on time.

It can seem like a herculean task to ensure that the requirements are met

When you don't have a proper system to track your employees' attendance, attendance data may be scattered in different places and not properly documented. This data must be carefully documented to ensure that it complies with various working life rules, including those that require organizations to grant a certain number of days off and compensate employees for overtime work. During audits, you may find that your team struggles to organize attendance data and has to pay large fines for non-compliance.

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