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Stay Ahead: Unveiling 5 HR Trends for the Month

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Are you struggling to stay up to date in the fast-paced world of HR news? We've rounded up the latest HR developments in the UK, Ireland and beyond that you may have missed.

While work-life fluidity could become a healthier form of work-life balance, the number of people over 50 working part-time is increasing. Some employers offer vacation pay, while other companies use RTO mandates as a means to lay off employees. Elsewhere, workers are feeling the pressure of “toxic resilience.”

1. Work-life fluidity

Three quarters of UK knowledge workers have an unhealthy relationship with their work, according to a new report. That alone calls into question the relevance of a fairly well-known term: work-life balance. Should work and life really be in balance? Is “balance” even the right word? A new term could help us reset our priorities: work-life fluidity.

2. Non-retirement

According to the Office for National Statistics, a record number of over-50s in the UK are working part-time, indicating changing attitudes to work and retirement. A quarter of workers in their 50s work part-time. Overall, the number of people over 50 working part-time has increased by 26% in the last ten years.

3. Holiday bonuses

The concept of “free vacation” is new to the benefits scene. It is a concept whereby companies pay their employees for holidays (usually in the form of stipends of between £1,500 and £2,000 per year). This achievement has its roots in the travel industry, but other companies such as Evernote and Calendly have also followed suit.

4. RTO layoffs

With Grindr laying off 80 employees after employees were forced to relocate near an office and Meta's RTO policy coming into effect, companies are making headlines after losing employees due to stricter RTO regulations. Several tech companies have also retracted their work-from-home policies, causing uncertainty and cynicism among some.

5. Toxic resistance

It has been a time of economic uncertainty and layoffs, particularly in the tech industry, where nearly 100,000 people have lost their jobs since January. Whether people are in the line of fire or not, they are often expected to work at maximum capacity to protect their jobs. This is the birth of toxic resilience, the problem child of toxic positivity and resilience.

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