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Exploring the Latest: 5 HR Trends You Should Keep an Eye On

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Are you struggling to stay up to date in the fast-paced world of HR news? We've compiled the latest HR developments from the UK, Ireland and beyond. From the impact of artificial intelligence to the future of performance to productivity, remote work and bullying, we've rounded up everything you need to know.

1. The “AI introduction

According to Gartner, while only 5% of HR departments have implemented generative AI, 60% of HR leaders are involved in company-wide discussions about what this will look like. However, Unleash warns that companies need to give HR a key role in adopting AI safely and responsibly.

2. More frequent performance reviews

Jack Dorsey recently announced plans to eliminate annual performance reviews and improvement plans in favor of more frequent performance reviews - an ongoing methodology that evaluates employees on a week-to-week basis. Is it time for companies to rethink how often they conduct reviews (or whether they conduct them at all)?

3. Productivity mania

Microsoft's latest research found that 85% of executives are unsure whether their employees are productive in the age of hybrid work. Yet 48% of employees and 53% of managers worldwide say they are burned out. Worryingly, employers are increasingly investing in technology to detect employee inactivity and even emotions and measure productivity.

4. Bystander culture

A recent investigation into sexual harassment in the Royal Air Force's Red Arrows found that it was "widespread and normalized". This included several incidents described as "predatory" and "inappropriate" behavior. Ultimately, the investigation found a " Bystander culture, a workplace culture in which inappropriate behavior is not often questioned.

5. Remote-first roles

The latest Flexible Working Index found that the number of remote-first jobs fell by 22% in the last three months, while the number of hybrid jobs that offer work from home 3-4 days per week fell by 24% is. Nevertheless, demand for remote-first positions is still high: there are 305 applicants for each remote position.

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