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Digital HR: Attendance Management System Impact

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Once upon a time, attendance times were noted and registered manually, which made it difficult to maintain flexible HR activities in various organizations. We are happy to have put this behind us in the digital age, since the introduction of bio metrics, automation and online attendance systems have paved the way for a more efficient and time-saving operation of the necessary processes.

One of these innovations, an automated attendance management system, has led to a ground-breaking change in HR work - let's see how.

What is attendance management?

It is a system where the employees' data is archived and it helps to record details of working hours and leaves and track the effective work done by them throughout their tenure. The system collects data using various biometric processes, such as stamping cards, fingerprint registration, online attendance system, etc.

The importance of an attendance management system.

An attendance management system helps maintain a strong relationship with employees as it collects data without bias in the system, and conclusions are drawn solely based on how the information is secured from the primary point of contact. With this system, you can treat your employees fairly.

It also contributes to good salary administration for the employees in the organization, and the employees are paid exactly what the company owes them.

This system provides accurate information about the employees. It helps an organization to determine the reliability of an employee and provides the organization with accurate information about the timelines of each individual employee.

This system has several advantages, including the following:

  • Maintains accuracy
  • Cost effective
  • Productivity increases
  • It is easy to check attendance
  • Effective management of the workflow
  • Simple operation
  • Easy integration
  • Attendance tracking
  • User friendly
  • Rapid generation of reports
  • Safety

How is this a secure system for organizations?

These systems are based on safety systems and designs. Biometric systems in particular are solid and can help prevent time theft and camera jamming and eliminate social control expenses.

These systems are very useful for security-conscious organizations. Inaccurate registrations can cause large financial losses to the company. They can abuse the Working Environment Act, which can lead to legal arrests and fines.

It is very important that companies record attendance times, pay the employees basic salary and record any extra hours that the employees have worked.

Due to these great advantages, these systems help to strengthen the HR business, as it becomes extremely efficient to produce accurate data and avoid major falsifications.

Different types of absence registration systems

Manual system - manual registration has for many years been used as a basic form of attendance and time registration, either in the form of a register or an Excel document. This system has been considered a tedious task for the HR department in any organization. It is rarely preferred by large companies anymore.

  • Mechanized systems - in this type of system, records of the employees' entry and exit times are automatically generated.
  • Stamp card - this is an upgraded version of the traditionally used stamping clock. A stamping card system automates time recording using a stamping card that the employees have to swipe through.
  • Biometric Systems - This is an innovative time and attendance tracking system that uses facial recognition, fingerprints, eye scanning and more to ensure that the right person checks in at the right place and that identity duplication is prevented.
  • Proximity card readers - These tracking systems use various readers that scan and identify the employees' cards. They not only track picking in and out, but also the employees' movements in the workplace.
  • Cloud-based system - this system uses cloud-based innovation, an online attendance system, to guarantee that the attendance information can be processed accurately. Logging in and out is efficient for all systems, and the data is stored securely throughout.

How to choose the right attendance management system?

Before choosing an attendance management system, make sure it meets your organization's needs.

It is best to look at different aspects, for example:

In the digital age, attendance management systems, such as IceHrm, revolutionize HR operations, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and enhanced employee relationships.

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