Features of an effective attendance tracking system

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Time recording is one of the most important daily tasks of any company. This may seem trivial, but time management is just as important for all members of a company. Working time determines payment and performance and influences financial decisions. With the right functions of the time recording software, this important function is automated and streamlined. A complete system can support both standard planning functions and advanced functions such as reporting.

Our checklist describes the essential features and requirements of the time recording system.

Time Management

One of the software’s main functions, time management, records the presence of employees. Time recorders monitor time spent at work, overtime and time spent on specific projects. Time management is used both as a productivity measure and as a financial decision-making tool. If a company is able to automatically track time using a software, the compensation can be easily calculated.

· Time tracking

· Project time entry

· Overtime tracking

· Rounding rules and exceptions

· GPS position

Attendance Management

The Attendance Management functions maintain the standard tools for attendance monitoring, such as input and output scoring. This automates the process of employee time recording. During this time, attendance is automatically tracked and recorded.

Some vendors offer a biometric clock that allows you to customize support in the future. Biometrics requires identification in the form of a fingerprint, eye print or voice to identify entrances, exits, and other features. By requesting this information, employers can ensure that each employee only has access to the items for which they have permissions. Biometrics can also help prevent people from appearing in late or absent colleagues.

· Clock input/output

· Biometric data

· Attendance tracking

Absence and leave management

Absence and leave management functions to allow employees to manage their own leave requests, including tracking scheduled absences based on dates, vacations, and leave. Employees can access vacation information, such as calendars, and submit vacation requests through the system. Software to track software leave and monitor benefits. For example, employees may apply paid leave or vacation days to their free time to ensure appropriate compensation and compliance with company procedures.

· Leave requests

· PTO Requests

· Dashboard

· Request for authorization

· Online vacation management

· Vacation follow-up

· Leaving persecution

· Holiday schedule

Personnel Management

The user-friendliness is facilitated by employee guidance functions. Databases capture employee information in one place, while mobile and self-service features promote accessibility. The purpose of these functions is to make time recording information easily visible to all members of a company.

  • Employee database
  • Mobile access
  • Self-service
  • Employee file
  • Notes


Scheduling using time recording software streamlines the scheduling process using collaborative functions. For employers, the software automates scheduling based on shift preferences and other parameters. For employees, the software serves as a central point to view schedules, make requests, and be informed of changes.

  • Creating schedules
  • Staff deployment plan
  • Employee groups
  • Schedule warning messages

Communication with employees

A comprehensive time recording system provides features that help employees keep up to date and stay in touch with their colleagues and management. These features can include something like instant messaging and built-in alerts or advanced communication capabilities.

  • Instant Messaging
  • Performance management
  • Alerts

Document Management

Document management functions facilitate the exchange of information and communication between departments. Users can configure notifications to notify team members of any important information related to time or attendance. This category of features also includes the use of time recording data to provide an overview of current practices. Managers can define the positions of employees in the system and the authorizations that accompany these roles. Clearly defined permissions are used as a security measure for files.

  • Import/Export Data
  • Exchange of data
  • Workflow alerts
  • Roles and rights


Time recording systems can be integrated with other personnel management solutions such as human capital management, accounting, and payroll software, and with non-personnel resource tools such as merchandise management systems. All HR data is available in a single system and provides a complete and comprehensive location for employee management functions.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

The integration of integrated business intelligence into time tracking solutions provides a platform to assess business performance over time. These tools can collect employee attendance data, analyze results and generate a report. The reports present the data on a visually informative medium and can be used throughout the company. The analysis provided by Business Intelligence functions helps to make future decisions and modify attendance policies.

  • Performance Management
  • Financial information
  • Activity reports
  • Attendance message
  • Recreation summary
  • Output reports

Let’s Conclude

Time recording software streamlines the functions performed by the vast majority of companies: time and holiday recording. Although the features of these systems seem simple, responsibility can become overwhelming as the business grows. For large organizations, it is better to automate these procedures to ensure accurate time tracking.

In addition to the standard calendar-related features and tracking, some software solutions offer advanced integration and business intelligence capabilities. Integration with other programs combines time recording data with additional measures to provide a complete view of an organization. Reporting functions organize the results in a visual medium.

Whether your organization needs an out-of-office reporting tool or a system with advanced analytical capabilities, time recording systems can help. Evaluate our software requirements model to identify the features that will benefit your business.

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