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Infographic of the Advantages of an HRIS

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As an HR professional, you can do a lot for your company, from reducing fluctuation to increasing the employee experience. But if all your time is consumed by operational tasks such as answering questions or tracking vacation time, you'll never be able to take more strategic initiatives.

What are the advantages of HRIS?

An HRIS (Human Resources Information System) can help you by automating many of the processes that waste valuable time in your HR department, saving you time and money. And that is just one of the benefits.

In this infographic we break down the savings and other benefits that an HRIS could bring to your business using a hypothetical company and a hypothetical HR professional, Caroline. Using averages, we have calculated how much Caroline's time is worth ($33/hour) and how much the time of an average employee ($23/hour) is worth in Caroline's company. From there we break down the figures.

Take a look at the results and see how much the right HR software can save your company.

Automated Onboarding

First we calculated the effects of an automated onboarding software. The traditional onboarding process, with all its paperwork and training, takes about 11 hours per week when Caroline is re-hired.

But by automating the onboarding process, this time can be reduced by 50 percent, which adds up when you consider how many new hires your company makes in a year:

Automated onboarding can also help your organization in other ways:
  • Engagement - When employees believe their organization's onboarding software is effective, they are five times more likely to report a high level of engagement.
  • Employee Retention - Effective onboarding software increases the confidence of new employees in their decision to join your organization and reduces revenue by up to 30 percent.
  • Performance and productivity - Effective onboarding software reduces time to productivity by 33 percent.


Documents and forms are an indispensable part of any HR department, but tracking down all those signatures can take a lot of time - not to mention the headaches of lost documents or signature bottlenecks.

But electronic signature software can save an average organization up to 40 hours of work per month. You can also save about $20 per document in printing and postage costs for digital documents. See how these numbers add up:

E-signature software offers a few other benefits as well:
  • Efficiency- E-signature software reduces signed document turnaround times by as much as 90 percent.
  • Employer Brand- Using e-signatures helps attract top talent, as 92 percent of young professionals would prefer to work for an environmentally friendly company.

Time-out management

Without a software to manage vacation time, Caroline (and many other HR professionals) needs to track employee vacation time using a version of a manual spreadsheet. Not only is this process incredibly time consuming, but there is also a risk that the organisation will not be able to track the holiday periods accurately.

Whether accidentally or deliberately, an average employee takes up to three unreported PTO days per year if his or her organization has insufficient control. With an HRIS, however, you could eliminate the cost of undeclared PTO.

Among the other advantages of an effective software for the management of leisure time are;
  • Efficiency - Automated absenteeism tracking helps you better manage employee absences, which cost companies about six percent of their annual payroll.
  • Powerful - When employees benefit from effective software for managing time off, customer satisfaction increases by up to 10 percent.

Employee self-service

Perhaps the biggest waste of time in an HR professional's busy week is the never-ending stream of questions from employees, whether it's managing benefits or changing personal information.

Employee Self-Service HR software gives employees the ability to find answers to their own questions and manage their personal information. This relieves the HR department enormously and can reduce the time spent on administrative tasks by 40 to 60 percent. This means about two hours additional time per day.

Using an employee self-service system in your company offers even more advantages:
  • Efficiency - Employee self-service software enables HR to serve 10 percent more employees
  • Competitive advantage - Self-service improves your company's performance,
    which increases the probability that those with such software will achieve best-in-class status by about 50 percent
    Performance and productivity - 72 percent of HR generalists who use employee self-service in their organizations reported a lower workload

Total savings from HRIS

When you add up all the time and cost savings, the benefits of an HRIS are obvious:

But it's not just about time and money. An HRIS frees HR professionals like you from worries about day-to-day business and helps you take a more strategic role in your organization. With the right HR software at your side, you can start to increase revenue, increase engagement, create a culture and more.

If you’re looking for an automated Human Resource Information System, we suggest you IceHrm which is one of the best HRIS systems which has so many HR functions automated into one system.

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