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Reasons why do you need an employee absence management system

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When we talk about our absence management software, we often say that it will make such a big difference to your business that you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Our absence management software will help you in more ways than you can imagine. In fact, we could write a book about the many ways our simple system could change your business!


But let's be brief and take a look at the five most important benefits of our absence management software

1. Make life easier for your HR team

Our absence management software streamlines dozens of daily HR processes.

For example: How do employees currently request leave in your company? Do they need to send an e-mail to their supervisor or the HR department? That's your first problem. Sometimes it takes time to get an answer to an email, and it's easy to lose or miss information in long email chains.

What happens next? Either the manager has to contact the human resources department, or the human resources department has to match the query to a set of tables and databases. He or she must take into account the employee's vacation pay, the number of days taken and the number of days left. They must then review the time sheets and staffing to ensure that the employee's leave does not pose a problem for another team member.

Only then can the employee's leave request be signed. And when this is done, the employee must be informed, which means another e-mail.

Any process that involves long chains of e-mails and multiple spreadsheets and databases is dead on arrival. It is inefficient, unreliable and costs you more than you can imagine.

Our absence management system streamlines this process. Every employee can securely access email from any device. They can see instantly how many vacation days they have left, which means they no longer receive emails telling them "How many vacation days I have left". They can then receive their leave request with just a few clicks.

The person responsible for approving the leave request will be notified and you can set specific holiday triggers. For example, you can define minimum staffing levels so that the supervisor or human resources department knows immediately if each employee's leave request poses workload problems. And once they have received this warning, they can approve or reject the leave request with a few clicks and seconds.

This means that the entire leave request process can be completed in a very short period of time. What used to take hours or even days now takes minutes or even seconds.

2. Improving the well-being of employees

What is good for the HR department and management is also good for the rest of the team. If it is easy for employees to take time off, it is more likely that employees will take the time they need when they need it.

There are many things you can do to deal with the stress in your workplace. But one of the most effective ways to deal with stress is to make it as easy as possible for employees to book time off. If your Leave planning system is complex and time-consuming, unconsciously or not, some employees may simply decide not to bother. It will just be work, work, work; with no breaks and no time for rest, relaxation and recreation.

Employees who do not take breaks are not the most productive employees. They are at risk of burnout and their stress level can reach a critical point.

Use our absence management system and you will remove almost all barriers that prevent employees from taking well-earned breaks. Our system makes it easier for employees to achieve a healthy balance between work and private life, which is an essential part of any effective employee wellness program.

3. Securing your business

Unplanned absences are a major challenge for any company. But for small businesses, absences can hit much harder.

The smaller your team, the more you depend on each other. Each team member will have a large number of responsibilities. So every day you're not fully occupied will be a struggle. People will have to fill the void, and something will have to give way - either productivity will suffer or stress levels will rise. Neither of these outcomes is particularly desirable.

But if you take action to control absenteeism in your company, you'll already be one step ahead of your competitors. Not all companies have a leave management policy, but those that do are generally prepared for all eventualities.

If your competitors are faced with unplanned absences, you can protect your business with absence management software. You can ensure that no one is overloaded and that everything remains as productive as possible, even if you are not working at full capacity.

4. Reduce absenteeism

Absence management software can help you reduce absenteeism in your company in several ways. Let's look at one of the most direct ways.

Unauthorized absence is the most annoying form of absence. It is when an employee takes leave without telling you, not because of a health problem or injury. This is also known as "skiving" or "pulling a Sickie".

It is unexpected and sporadic, so it creates the same problems as other forms of absence. But unauthorized absences also suggest that something more serious is going on. It could indicate that an employee does not respect you enough and is not thinking of not coming to work.

But if employees know that you monitor and report every absence, they might think twice before they become wise.

Of course, there are other reasons why customers choose to ski. They may be stressed and overworked and may simply need a break. But even if you have an absence management system in place, any member of your team can easily book the free time they need. You get a well-deserved break, and you don't have to worry about interruptions in your business.

This is not the only way our absence management software can help reduce absenteeism in your company. Our system not only acts as a deterrent to unauthorized absences, but can also help you reduce unplanned absences due to illness or injury.

Our system has a detailed but accessible dashboard. Over time, it gives you a graphical overview of the evolution of absences in your company. You get information on absenteeism, cost of absence, lost time, Bradford factor values and much more.

If you take the time to understand absence trends in your organization, you may be able to identify certain patterns. And when you begin to identify patterns, you may think about changes you could make to make absences less likely in the future.

Looking at your absenteeism trends might reveal something completely different. But the fact is, the more you can understand your absenteeism trends, the more power you will have to reduce absenteeism in the future.

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