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How to Reduce Hiring Costs by Using Your Employer Brand

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Every company's success is dependent on its employees. Attracting the top talent, on the other hand, isn't always easy. Companies frequently invest large sums of money on the bottom of the recruitment process - job boards and recruiters. We've discovered that a strong employer brand may help you save money on hiring while also attracting the high-quality people your company needs to thrive.

Employer branding is, at its most basic, a mix of:

  • Your employee value proposition (EVP), which will most likely be focused on your working environment and flexible working practices
  • Your organization's culture
  • The voices of your staff.

And, most crucially, knowing how and where to publicize all of your efforts!

This is how it's done.

1.Determine your Employee Value Proposition

A solid employer brand is founded on honesty, openness, and a good reputation. Begin by determining what you want to be recognized for, what you stand for, and what you can provide workers that other firms cannot (this is your EVP). This is an excellent opportunity to discover any areas for change that may not reflect well on your brand. It is never too late to change corporate culture in order to recruit and keep a happy workforce.

Make an effort to be genuine when creating your EVP. Making promises you can't keep is pointless since it just leads to disappointed new workers later on.

You may start yelling about your EVP and what makes you unique after you've recognized it.

2.Make use of social media

Employer branding requires the use of social media. Create a strong presence on relevant channels and provide information that matches your company's culture, values, and employee successes on a frequent basis. Participate in industry forums and engage with possible prospects via relevant hashtags (organizing webinars might be a wonderful approach to attract individuals). By successfully leveraging these platforms, you may access a larger talent pool and eliminate dependency on costly recruiting agencies or job boards by having people eager to join your firm when you are ready to employ.

3.Encourage employee involvement

There are no greater advocates for your company than individuals who currently work for it. They are your best brand advocates and the most genuine marketing instrument. Encourage employees to share their good experiences and victories on social media, and to share their tales through business channels and website testimonials.

By harnessing employee voices, you can tap into the networks of trusted workers while providing potential candidates with an essential window into your environment, allowing them to make an informed choice about whether you're the appropriate match for them.

People are clever; they can detect when someone has been coached to say something favorable about a firm. The genuine stories from real employees will have a far greater impact!

4.Encourage positive candidate interactions

Respecting prospects and giving a great experience during the hiring process may have a big influence on your employer brand. Maintain clear communication throughout the process, provide timely feedback, and create a quick and easy application procedure. Even if an applicant is not chosen, making a favorable impression may result in recommendations or future applications. This technique contributes to the development of a strong employer brand and avoids the need for future lengthy and costly recruitment efforts.

Employer branding is an important component of any talent recruitment and marketing strategy. Take a few steps to get started if you aren't already. Once you know how, it's simple.

Check out IceHrm's Recruitment module to understand how we can help you reduce hiring costs and attract top talent into your organization.

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