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Reinvent Your Recruitment Process With IceHrm

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A proper recruitment module can help you find better candidates, allows streamlined data collection from candidates, improve communication, and so much more.

IceHrm has improved the IceHrm recruitment module to help you be more efficient and productive throughout the complete recruitment process.

Here's whats' new:

Hiring stages

IceHrm has introduced 7 hiring stages for you to categorize all the candidates. This can help you clearly identify which candidates are in which part of the recruitment process. IceHrm has also included filtering options that allow you to filter candidates using either the job title or the country.

The 7 hiring stages in the IceHrm recruitment module are:

  1. New - All the new candidates will be displayed under the New section.
  2. Screening - You can move the candidates that are in the screening section or is eligible for a phone screening to this section.
  3. Assessment - After the screening is done, the candidates can be moved to the assessment section.
  4. Interview Scheduled - Once the assessment process is done, you can schedule interviews with the candidates. The interview options are first interview, second interview, third interview and final interview. These options can be used as per the requirement of your organization.
  5. Offer - The candidates that have passed the interviews should be moved to the offer section or accepted the offer remains under this section.
  6. Hired - The candidates that are hired should be moved to this section.
  7. Rejected - All candidates that have rejected the offer or is not qualified will be moved to this section.

Adding notes

As a recruiter, it is essential to take notes about candidates for future reference and for the recruitment team to understand whether the candidate is eligible for the applied position. IceHrm has now included a notes section where interviewers can add notes about candidates.

Schedule interviews

You can now use IceHrm to schedule interviews with candidates. To schedule an interview, you have to select a convenient time and date, the correct time zone, add the interviewers, status of the interview and you can also add any meeting details like a description about the meeting or a meeting link.

Once an interview is scheduled, the candidate will receive an email as shown below:

Google calendar sync

Once you have allowed IceHrm to sync events to google calendars, all the interviews that are scheduled will be added to the interviewers' google calendars with the meeting details. The candidates will also be added for the events created on google calendar.

Apart from the email sent by IceHrm to the candidates, an invitation from google calendar will be sent to them as well.

Process after the interviews are completed

Employees in different designations might have to join the interview depending on the company's recruitment process and requirements. So, IceHrm has included access to the recruitment module for admins, managers as well as employees. The employees will only be able to see candidate details if the employees are added to the interviews.

However, employees have access only to 4 hiring stages. The four hiring stages are:

  1. New
  2. Screening
  3. Assessment
  4. Interview Scheduled

After an employee participates in an interview, they can easily add notes just like admins and managers to help the recruitment team with the recruitment process.

The IceHrm team believes that the new recruitment module will help your organization be more productive throughout the hiring process. Happy Recruiting!

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