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9 Reasons why do you need a Time Management System

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As an entrepreneur, it is important to constantly look for new ways to reduce your net profit. You need to be able to get the most out of your operating budget without compromising the quality of your products or services.

There are many ways to reduce your budget, including using time management system. Time tracking can help you increase your productivity, optimize your daily operations, improve employee morale and many other benefits.

These systems help you simplify the way you manage your business and track your employees. But time tracking software has so much more to offer.

Learn how to save money, avoid employee absences and grow your business.

Here are 9 real advantages of time management software;

1. Increase the accuracy of your time recording

Entering billing information manually can easily lead to errors. Over time, you could lose a significant amount of money due to billing errors alone.

One of the main benefits of using time management software is that you can accurately track your employees’ hours worked. You don’t have to worry about mistakes.

2. Increase your employees’ productivity

The use of a time management system is simply more efficient than manual entry. Not only will you increase the accuracy of your payroll, but you will also need less time to complete these tasks. Your HR staff will spend less time on payroll and more time on other aspects of their work.

Depending on the size of your staff, the payroll manager can spend a full working day a week manually entering payroll. In the modern world, this waste of resources is not necessary.

A simple switch to these systems can free up to 8 hours or more per week from payroll. Employee hours are automatically recorded. They were then entered into a database. You can also integrate these systems into your existing payroll software.

3. Prevent salary abuse and time fraud

Time fraud is a very real problem, and companies often overlook the damage it can cause. Filling out a time sheet fraudulently or asking a colleague to get in or out for an employee can lead to unnecessary salary costs. These forms of time fraud and wage abuse can be avoided.

Thanks to the time management software, employees’ working times are monitored in real-time. Every minute is recorded and sent to the central database. There is no room for error. In addition to fraud prevention, the rating system you choose can help you prevent a friend from beating you.

4. Give your employees access to their schedules

Another advantage of using time recording software is that you can give your employees access to their schedules. Allow your employees to review their own schedules. Give them the opportunity to check their holiday availability. You can even allow them to make vacation requests.

An employee self-service module allows your employees to take responsibility. They can have more control over their planning. In combination with the task scheduling software, your employees can adjust their availability and your task scheduling software can automatically take these changes into account.

5. Time recording systems are scalable

These systems continue to manage time tracking as your business grows. Manual entry of attendance can lead to errors. These errors are becoming more and more common as your business grows. A small HR or payroll team cannot run manual payroll for thousands of employees without occasional errors.

As your business grows, this software will continue to provide you with the solutions you need. You don’t have to worry about switching to another system when your employees reach a certain size.

The time management software is scalable. Whether you have a few employees or thousands of employees, you can continue to track time accurately.

6. Receiving real-time analyses

The real-time analysis allows you to monitor your presence at any time. You and your managers have instant access to employee plans. You can see which employees are currently working. This can be advantageous when staffing shifts or creating future schedules.

You also get user-defined reports. These reports contain the parameters that most affect you and are automatically generated and sent to the central database. You can choose who and when to send these custom reports.

7. Prevent absenteeism and implement your attendance policy

Using your attendance policies is easier if you record your employees’ working times electronically. There’s no doubt whether an employee worked his shift or not. In combination with real-time analysis, you can apply your presence policies. It also allows you to avoid absenteeism.

You will be able to identify trends in the delay. By addressing these problems before they become major problems, you can reduce the number of shifts missed. Your employees are aware of the consequences if they do not complete their planned shifts. This can help avoid employee absences.

In addition, your employees who arrive on time for work will appreciate being treated fairly. Everyone should be held responsible for the absence of their planned shifts.

This should, of course, increase the morale of your employees, which will lead us to the next advantage of using time management software.

8. Improve the morale of all your employees

In addition to the surprising benefits already mentioned, time management software can help improve the morale of your employees. Honest employees will appreciate not having to deal with colleagues who regularly miss shifts.

When an employee retires for his or her planned shift, other employees have to take over. This is less of a problem with time recording systems.

By using employee self-service, you can also strengthen your employees. They can access their schedules and make leave requests. This increases the level of self-sufficiency. By giving your employees more control over their schedule, you can enjoy greater job satisfaction.

9. Time management software saves you money

Your company will save money if you switch to modern time management software. You save by reducing billing errors and other benefits. You can increase efficiency and productivity. You can reduce absenteeism and billing errors. This combination of benefits leads to significant savings.

Change the way you manage scheduling and billing

These 9 benefits help to highlight some of the benefits of using time recording systems. Most companies consider this software an invaluable tool. It can redesign the way you manage scheduling and billing.

Companies that still rely on manual input can significantly improve their daily routines and reduce costs. Manual input often leads to costly errors.

Avoid this problem with advanced time and attendance management solutions. Enjoy the following benefits;

  • Precise time recording
  • Prevent billing errors
  • Increase in productivity
  • Scalable software for growing businesses
  • Get real-time reports in real-time
  • Enforcement of your participation conditions
  • Improvement of employee morale
  • Save money


Time management systems allow accurate time recording. This avoids accounting errors. It also has the added benefit of increasing productivity and improving employee morale.

These are benefits that any company should consider. If you have noticed an increase in absenteeism or payroll errors, this is the ideal time to think about moving to a complete-time recording system.

You can choose a tailor-made solution that meets your specific needs. If you would like to take advantage of these benefits, contact Advance Systems today to discuss your time management solutions.

Stop wasting time, look to the future, be efficient and lower your costs with the right Time Management system for your business. We can suggest you IceHrm which is one of the best HRIS systems which has so many HR functions automated into one system.

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