What features should be there on an effective recruitment system?

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What is a recruitment system?

A recruitment system is an easy-to-use computerized recruitment tool that can help recruiters save time and stay organized while they search for the best candidates. The main objective of a recruitment system is to automate the entire recruitment process by tracking and organizing candidates in a database.

Although the different candidate tracking systems offer different functions, they often include:

· Hosting a career page
· distribution of workstations
· Reception and sorting of inquiries
· Resumption of storage
· Work with your teammates.
· Courier and interview planners
· integration tools
· Social participation
Here are the 8 key features of how a recruitment system can help you succeed in today’s competitive labor market;

1. Hosting a career site

On your career page, you can post job offers on your company’s website. Many recruitment systems allow you to manage them directly from their platform. With a recruitment system, you can add photos, logos, descriptions, social sharing buttons and much more to facilitate the marketing of your openings.

Therefore, it is important to have a site that reflects the values of your company and lists the available jobs.

2. The distribution of jobs

By posting your job offer on as many job sites as possible, you can maximize your reach and increase your chances of finding the right candidate.

Many of the major recruitment sites such as Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and Ziprecruiter have partnerships with recruitment Systems. This means that when you create your job offer, you can instantly display it on all these sites with just a few clicks.

With your recruitment system, you can consult your job offer on many job offer sites and track which candidates come from which sites to adjust your sales strategy.

3. The receipt and sorting of requests

Once you have created your job offer and sent it to several job sites, it is time to start evaluating applications. With a recruitment system, your applications from all locations will be included in a database and you can then view and sort them quickly.

Each application tracking system uses different methods to sort and organize applications, and some may automatically exclude candidates who do not match the qualifications of the position. Today, many recruitment systems have integrated AI software that intelligently automates the selection process and candidate selection list by associating them with candidates on your current staff.

One of the main reasons to use a recruitment system is that all your applications will be available on a single platform to organize things and ensure compliance.

4. Resume storage

Each time a person applies to your job offer, their resume is stored in your candidate tracking system. The system keeps all applications received, even after the position has been filled.

This can be useful when you need to hire additional employees or if you think the candidate would be a good candidate for another position. The recruitment system will record all candidates so that you never lose track of a good candidate.

5. Collaborate with your teammates

Choosing the right candidate for your position can be difficult, especially if they work closely with a team. Recruitment systems solve this problem by allowing your team to work together in the hiring process.

You can easily share candidate information with your colleagues, assign different roles to different team members, and control who has access to which information. This allows the recruiter to take into account the entire team and involve them in the selection process.

6. Interviewers

So you created an amazing career page, posted your job offer on several job sites, and evaluated your candidates. It’s interview time!

With your candidate tracking system, you can send messages to candidates quickly and easily. You can use this feature to communicate everything you need, ask questions and schedule interviews. A recruitment chatbot allows you to ask pre-selection questions to candidates and answer their questions about employment using messaging.

When you use an integrated planning tool to organize interviews, the recruitment system will automatically remind you and the candidate before the interview begins. This significantly reduces the number of people who do not show up, saving you time and time and saving you a lot of frustration.

7. Integration tools

Once you have selected your new employee, it is time to start the integration process. Using a candidate tracking system for integration can shorten the time it takes to hire and formally fill your vacancy.

Many systems begin by welcoming new employees to the team, introducing them to your organization, and explaining what to expect. You can add resource pages that the new employee can access, including a breakdown of employee benefits and other important information. From there, the new employee can fill out the relevant documents to make sure he’s ready to leave for his first day.

8 Social Participation

Social media can be an excellent tool during the recruitment process and many candidate tracking systems have been developed with this in mind. These systems make it easy to share your vacancies across multiple social media platforms with a single click.

This allows your ad to be seen by a larger number of potential candidates, who can then apply directly from their desktop or mobile device.


As the labor market continues to grow and develop, applicant tracking systems are essential to help recruiters find more qualified applicants.

As more people seek a job change, using a recruitment system gives your organization a competitive advantage by helping you stay organized and manage the hiring process.

There are many recruitment systems options and we recommend that you find one that suits your business needs. There is no single size for all. Make sure you have a system that is adapted to the size of your business and the volume of your settings.

Whatever system you choose, 96% of companies surveyed say that using a recruitment system has improved their recruitment. With increasing recruitment volumes and today’s tight labor market, this may be the ideal time for you to invest in a recruitment system.

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