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Characters of effective training and development system

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Training management is the process by which a company identifies training needs, creates training programs, identifies who needs to be trained, and conducts this training. By doing so effectively, the company ensures that it can effectively change the way it does business and that its employees are competent, trained, and fully capable of doing their jobs. From a compliance perspective, these skills are essential. Without good training management, an organization runs the risk of not being compliant, having safety problems, and even being of poor quality due to operator errors.

Many companies have implemented automated training management systems to automate the employee training process. The training management system ensures that a defined and consistent training program is in place, regardless of who enters the organization.

An automated training system is advantageous because it allows employee profiles to be tracked and training activities to be planned. It also manages identification, responsibility, authority, training, and certification requirements for all employees and provides a simple method for planning and recording training.

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There are often challenges in manual training processes, but automating your training process helps you overcome them. Here are some of the key features you should consider in a training management system:

1) Integration of employee data: Many companies keep employee data in one central location, but it is important to integrate it into the system in which it is stored. The ability to integrate employee profiles into the training management system is essential. In this way, a company can ensure that all employee information is up-to-date and that no data is duplicated. The ability to bring employees together is also important, especially in companies with hundreds or even thousands of employees. The training management system should be able to logically group employees by department, business unit, function, or institution.

2) Creating and linking training needs: The ability to create training needs and link training activities to these requirements is another advantage of the training management system. This enables the company to organize the types of training — whether it is safety-related training, general human resources focused on quality, and more. It makes sense to create requirements groups and create training sessions for these groups. This ensures that the right groups receive the right type of training. In addition, the training management system should allow the company to create a course for each type of requirement.

3) Integration with a document management system: Controlled documents are usually the central repository in which job descriptions, processes, work instructions, and more are stored. If new or revised documents are published, employees must be trained accordingly. Integrating training into the document management system makes it easy to define who needs training for each document. It also automatically updates training materials for each employee, provides self-learning or testing capabilities, and automatically updates the status of each employee at the end of the training.

4) Automated tests: A training management system should include some form of test recording. Without adequate testing, an organization cannot accurately ensure that an employee has received adequate training. Training management test programs are a quantitative measure that indicates that training has taken place and that the employee has successfully completed the training qualification process. Most systems incorporate tests into their training plans; pass/fail, percentage scores, or other methods, which are common methods to accurately assess a person’s ability to do the job.

5) Integration with Adverse Events: If an adverse event occurs, such as a safety incident or quality deviation, an organization can link the investigation to the training file.

For example, if a company identifies a higher risk of incidents during a particular shift on the line, it can link the safety investigation to training materials and see if refresher training is required and ensure that there has been previous training. It can also result from corrective action; linking training and corrective actions can help to identify systemic training problems. The objective is to increase the visibility and correlation between adverse events and employee training.

6) Integration with reporting: A company can use a reporting tool to better understand the training. The ability to see in the data and analyze trends and key performance indicators (KPIs) helps to improve the overall functioning of the organization and minimize risks. A training management system linked to reporting helps to identify key trends and highlights poor training results by reporting on the effectiveness of training.

7) Linking training to change management: Change management can result from corrective action when the organization may need to modify or revise processes. It must also take into account training. It is necessary to consider the human element. This contributes to continuous improvement, not only in operational areas but also in employee development.

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