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How Performance Management Helps to Increase Employee Productivity

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Many supervisors conduct employee evaluations at regular intervals to increase their employees’ quality productivity. But is this the best approach to inspire and engage employees and improve their performance? Maybe, but here we would like to offer an alternative. Try using an employee performance management program instead of a performance appraisal program. Such a system creates an approach to improving employee performance rather than an appraisal system that highlights employee shortcomings. Who feels inspired to try harder when they have just learned all the things they are doing wrong? Negative feedback does not lead to positive results.

Using a performance management program gives employees the message that management is interested in helping employees improve and develop their personal skills, knowledge, and abilities. People are more likely to accept constructive feedback when they are encouraged to improve than when they point out their weaknesses.

The following are three suggestions for creating a performance management program that motivates employees to increase quality productivity in the workplace:
  1. Annual review of the employee’s job description to ensure that the purpose, duties and responsibilities of the position are still correct, relevant and appropriate to the growth of the organization. Employees often have suggestions on how to modify their job description to clarify exactly what tasks they have to perform and which essential tasks must be performed on a priority basis.
  2. Implement a 360-degree performance feedback system that allows employees to assess their own performance and compare it with anonymous evaluations from colleagues, clients and others who work with them An initial 360-degree performance review establishes a benchmark for the creation of competencies and job improvement strategies that can be followed up with subsequent reviews. 360 reviews are most effective when conducted quarterly. Ongoing assessments allow managers to provide more frequent feedback on an employee’s performance and encourage the setting of performance objectives with measurable results. Objectives can be set that address not only the individual development needs of employees but also the needs of the business community as a whole.
  3. Written records of employee performance based on the results of feedback assessments and the results of employment projects. For new productivity models, it may be useful for supervisors to develop and manage a coaching and improvement plan. Employers often consider using coaching programs to take corrective action, but coaching can also be useful when an employee is offered a promotion.

The objective of implementing a performance management program is to create a more positive environment in which managers contribute to the performance of the workforce and encourage positive employee engagement. People respond more positively to those who are genuinely trying to help them improve and offer strategies to help them grow than to those who simply offer criticism.

Why Performance Management Software is important here?

Performance management software enables companies to monitor and improve the performance of employees at both individual and team levels. The right performance management software will also increase employee engagement by giving them the opportunity to take control of their own goals and personal development, and by providing regular and immediate feedback. Studies have shown that organizations are more productive and profitable with engaged employees.

The dramatic changes in performance management of leading companies in 2015 and the current trends in performance management in 2019 show that improving performance management is a top priority for many companies. If you want to improve employee performance and turn outdated offices into highly productive gold mines, it’s time to reevaluate your approach to performance management.

Let’s look at how an innovative performance management software system can help you support these latest performance management trends and improve your company’s performance:

Employees set SMART goals and manage their personal development plans

Performance management software makes the goal-setting process more collaborative and efficient. It enables employees and managers to jointly agree on SMART goals and ensure that they are consistent with the overall goals of the organization. Employees can update their goals so they can track their progress and achievements.

Personal development plans can also be managed using performance management software. Personal development is a driving force for improving employee performance and commitment. Excellent performance management software encourages employees to update their own personal development plans, which HR can easily report on to plan training and development across the organization.

Managers can record action points from the controls

Paper notes taken at regular recording meetings can easily be stored out of sight or simply misplaced. Using performance management software with built-in check-ins, managers can enter important action items and notes online. These documents can be accessed by the manager and employee so that they can review what has been discussed. The performance management software can also send e-mail reminders on all points where the action is required.

Entire teams can receive real-time feedback

The performance management software provides immediate feedback as soon as an event occurs, a key element for continuous performance management. Feedback can be given by managers or employees, and a good system ensures that feedback is structured to be either positive or constructive, maximizing its impact. General Electric is one of the leading companies that has introduced a feedback application that serves as an online notebook for managers and co-workers to provide comments and feedback to other team members.

Improving team collaboration

Performance management software is increasingly oriented towards social media and integrates user-friendly interfaces and mobile ergonomics to improve team collaboration. Modern performance management software can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Improve HR efficiency

The storage of all company information on employee performance in a central online system enables faster and more accurate performance management. The human resources department can export and download the performance data to an Excel spreadsheet so that employees can see how often they report and how well the company’s goals are being met.

Safe and secure data

Gone are the days when paper reports were pressed into folders. The performance management software enables access to data from 24⁄7 in the cloud. At Clear Review we use the latest data encryption technology and back up the data every second to ensure the security of company and employee data.

Performance management software is the future

Companies increasingly recognize the importance of an effective and lean performance management process to improve the performance of employees and the company as a whole.

Innovative and sophisticated performance management software systems are an essential component in the development of effective teams and high-performance organizations.

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