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Delving into the Advantages of Automated Leave Management Systems

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Managing employee leaves can be a challenging task for the HR department in an organization, due to the large number of employees in today's organizations and the increased risk of errors when handling leaves manually.

38% of organizations in the US use manual leave management systems. - TSheets

This shows that a significant proportion of companies still use manual, paper-based leave systems to manage their employees' absence and attendance. However, a manual process entails a number of challenges, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Delayed approval of leave or home leave requests
  • Little awareness of the leave policy
  • No effective monitoring of the employees' leaves
  • Inaccuracies or errors in leave handling affect the payment of wages.
  • It is difficult for the employees to plan leaves in advance

The challenges of a manual process can be solved with the help of an automated leave management system that has been developed to help companies manage their employees' leaves in a more efficient way. There are software platforms that offers dedicated modules for all HR functions, including a leave and attendance management system. These leave and attendance systems have, all the other modules, functions that benefit both the employees and the employer.

The benefits of using the absence management system are many, from increased employee engagement to reduced costs for the company. This is because the functions of the leave management system have been carefully developed to meet the needs of all organizations and at the same time simplify the process for the HR team. The result is increased efficiency in the HR department. Here are the most important functions of a leave management system;

  • Intuitive dashboard that enables the employees to check the leave balance, see the leave history and the list of official ยท holidays. This makes it easy for employees to plan their holidays in advance.
  • The managers of the respective teams have access to the leave balance of the resources in the team, as well as their leave calendar, so they can plan the availability of resources for a project.
  • The organization can configure the leave management system according to its own leave guidelines and organizational requirements.
  • The HR software is available both in the cloud and on-premises, so employees can access the data anytime, anywhere, from their own devices on the go.
  • The leave management software implements automatic updating of the employees' leave balance in real time to avoid confusion and ensure flexible resource management.
  • A fully configurable leave request approval workflow, from the moment a leave request is submitted until it is finally approved. Furthermore, at each step of the workflow, email alerts are sent to all stakeholders to keep them informed.
  • Opportunity for employees to withdraw leave requests that have already been submitted, until the request is approved by the manager.
  • Possibility for the employees to submit requests for regularization of attendance (AR) and work from home (WFH) directly from the leave program, for cases where they have to work outside the office premises.
  • Ability to generate automated leave reports with a few clicks in the leave management software, providing a detailed overview of the employees' leave details for quick reference.
  • Ability for the team leader to submit a leave request on behalf of a team member if the team member does not have access to the platform.

In conclusion, such an automated leave management systems is offered by IceHrm which streamline HR processes, enhancing employee satisfaction, organizational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. So why not join with IceHrm today!!!

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