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Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Unlimited PTO

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Have you heard of Unlimited Paid Time Off (UPTO)? Is there something you would like to introduce in your company?

When the first companies introduced unlimited paid time off (UPTO), the concept was met with raised eyebrows across the board. How could such an idea work? The employees just wanted to settle down on the nearest beach and set their e-mails so that they were sent automatically until they retired.

Contrary to what was predicted at the time, that is not what happened - in some cases, in fact, the opposite happened. Instead of abusing the privilege of UPTO, many workers with UPTO have taken fewer vacation days, and some cite guilt as the main reason for not taking UPTO.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the UPTO scheme.


  • Greater flexibility for employees, which leads to increased productivity

The companies that introduced UPTO, such as Netflix, did so to give employees greater flexibility and create an environment where employees felt confident that they could make the right decisions and manage their work-life balance responsibly.

The hope was that a more relaxed approach to paid time off would give employees the freedom to improve their overall well-being, which in turn would benefit the company. In many cases, this has paid off, and work ethic and productivity have increased.

  • Attractive for the best talents

UPTO can help your company attract the best talent. The number of jobs on Indeed that offer unlimited PTO increased by 178% between 2015 and 2019.

By offering UPTO, you can stand out from the competition, as more and more potential employees see it as a great perk. Forbes even writes that 51% of surveyed employees recently said they would take a 10% pay cut if they could get UPTO.

  • Cost-effective for employers

Due to better work-life balance and increased productivity, employers can also wave goodbye to paying out unused PTO when they lay off employees. Such a move can provide significant savings in the long term.


  • Negative financial consequences for the employees

As we have seen above, the introduction of the UPTO can be financially beneficial for employers. However, the employees may experience a loss - as they lose the allotted number of PTO days that they can accrue or carry over to the next fiscal year.

For example, if an employee is laid off after working for nine months without taking time off, they are not entitled to be paid unused PTO days.

  • Possibility of burnout

If you are introducing UPTO, it is important to ensure that employees feel comfortable taking time off. Lead by example and make sure you take at least 15 to 20 days off a year. For example, if the employees see that their colleagues are taking a low number of days off, they may feel pressured not to take their own days off because they seem lazy or less committed than their colleagues - and they may fear that this will rub off on them when their performance is assessed.

In a number of organisations, it has been seen that employees take less time off due to UPTO, which has had consequences. In some cases, it has actually led to the UPTO model being scrapped in favor of a standard PTO arrangement.

  • Difficult to manage

Introducing UPTO can lead to confusion and scheduling conflicts if too many employees take time off at the same time. The business risks being understaffed or projects being delayed if the right measures are not taken.

If you ensure that you set expectations for notification deadlines, how long it takes and approval processes, you can streamline the introduction of UPTO.

In conclusion, the adoption of Unlimited Paid Time Off (UPTO), facilitated by IceHrm, presents both benefits like enhanced flexibility and challenges such as potential burnout and management complexities.

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