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8 Tips for Embedding New Hires Into Your Company Culture

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To find out the best practices to help employees feel connected to company culture during onboarding, we asked eight top executives and HR experts to share their strategies. From implementing a buddy system to group activities to creating an interactive onboarding experience, these leaders provide valuable insight into effective onboarding procedures.

Communicate values, mission and vision

By clearly communicating our values, mission and vision, we try to make new employees feel connected to our company culture during the onboarding process. We ensure relevant team members get to know the new employee, whether remotely or in person.

We also give the new team member access to all the necessary documents and information they need to get started. There is also room for questions and clarification of expectations. And we share the team's humorous "10 Commandments" for having a good time at work. The aim of our induction process is to create a sense of community in which everyone can feel comfortable.

Implement a buddy system and group activities

Onboarding is an important process for both employers and employees to ensure employees fully fit into the company culture. Our company places great value on making connections early on by assigning each new employee a buddy from the same department who provides them with valuable advice, perspective and support. We believe this helps foster an expanded sense of community within our company.

An example of how we promote cohesion during onboarding is through group activities that challenge our new employees to work toward a common goal. This pushes everyone out of their comfort zone and provides insight into different skills while giving everyone the opportunity to get to know each other on an informal basis.

Connect daily tasks to the bigger picture

It's important to educate employees on the inner workings of the company, not just their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

Once onboarding begins, it's critical to show employees not only what they'll be doing on a daily basis, but also how what they're doing will impact the bigger picture. This creates a connection between the employee and the company right from the start.

Communicate business-specific information to new hires

One of the key ways we ensure our employees feel connected to our company during onboarding is to provide them with business-specific information and our overall goals, rather than keeping them “in the dark” about the company’s general processes. . The more open a company can be, the more accepted new employees will feel because they immediately understand the larger task.

Be transparent with salary information

One of our most important values is transparency. That's why we go the extra mile during the hiring and onboarding process by being open about our salaries.

Applicants and employees are given access to salary ranges for their level, role and location because we believe it is important to share and discuss this information rather than leaving new hires in the dark. Introducing your employees to this data during the onboarding process is clear evidence that you value fair treatment and compensation.

Appoint existing employees as cultural ambassadors

Nobody knows the culture of a company better than the existing employees. They can be a company's cultural ambassadors, helping new employees understand and adapt to the company's values, culture, and practices. In addition, conveying corporate culture should not be left solely to the human resources department or supervisor. Anyone can take part in it.

We believe that the onboarding process is the responsibility of all employees, and existing employees have played a crucial role in providing peer and mentor support. In addition, when all employees work together towards a common goal, it has a positive effect on promoting and maintaining company culture.

Conduct a behavioral assessment and interview

A behavioral assessment and conversation ensures that the new employee feels connected to the company culture during onboarding. This assessment allows the company to determine whether the new employee's behavior is consistent with the company's core values. In the discussions, clarify the importance of values and how they determine behavior in the workplace.

In the discussions following the behavioral assessment, it is determined how interactions with colleagues, customers and superiors should reflect the corporate culture. Behavioral assessment allows employees to ask questions of their colleagues and vice versa. A company can make the introduction process smooth and exciting through an open dialogue.

Behavioral assessment is a valuable tool during the onboarding process to strengthen company culture. When new employees begin to understand the company culture, they feel comfortable. This helps them start their work effectively.

Create an interactive onboarding experience

One of the biggest problems with onboarding is that a lot of information is presented in a one-way manner, leaving the new employee to digest and learn too much. This can sometimes be overwhelming, unproductive and a waste of time. Instead, we focus on making onboarding more interactive and engaging, which immediately reflects our company culture and work environment.

Through a series of tasks, the new candidate will be exposed to various team members and departments and will be expected to perform an activity, interact with others or learn by doing. This helps make onboarding more fun and productive.

Incorporating these strategies, like those offered by IceHrm, ensures new hires feel connected and valued from day one, enhancing overall team cohesion.

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