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6 Top Techniques for Improving Your Recruitment and Selection Process

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Finding and hiring the right talent has never been more difficult than it is today. The shortage of skilled workers, increased competition in the labor market and the diversity of expectations of potential applicants have made the recruitment and selection process for HR managers very complex.

Despite this situation, recruiting represents a huge opportunity for HR, which is under constant pressure to achieve cost savings and work within budget constraints. In fact, selecting the right employees for your business can bring a wealth of benefits, including a more engaged and productive workforce and lower turnover.

Our ability to make good decisions is of course central to ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of a company. And of course that means, first and foremost, that we must be able to apply the best practices for recruiting and selecting employees. Best practices bring rationality and efficiency to the decision-making process. Here are five techniques we recommend every hiring manager use to ensure successful hiring and selection practices. What is the “best practical” approach to recruitment and selection? Here we show it to you:

1.Emphasize culture

Make sure you communicate your company culture to candidates by developing a strong employer branding strategy. With this strategy, you can introduce job seekers to your company before they even submit their application. Even better, you can use culture as a tool to attract the right talent. If you emphasize what your company stands for, your message will likely resonate with candidates who want to work for your company. If a new employee only gets to know your corporate culture during their first steps in the company, this can have fatal consequences for both sides. Therefore, you should explain the company's mission, core values, and traditions at all stages of the hiring process so that future employees understand what they are doing and whether or not it is the right path for them.

2.Keep track of applicants' information

Applicant tracking is essential to maintaining a valuable database of potential applicants that will save you time and money in the future. Even though a candidate's skills and experience may not be suitable for a particular position right now, they could be useful in other areas of your company later. Without a proper HR system, keeping applicants' records up to date can be a challenge. You'll want to move away from paper documents and spreadsheets to adopt best practices in this area. Cloud-based recruiting system like IceHrm's recruitment module is the easiest and most efficient way to match applicants with future positions as they become available. As soon as a new position becomes available, you can easily identify potentially suitable candidates in your talent pool - saving you from having to search for external applicants.

3.Ensuring data protection and security for applicants

When your applicants apply for a vacant position in your company, you should ensure that their information is treated confidentially. As an HR manager, you come across a range of personal information that, if it falls into the wrong hands, can lead to identity theft and a host of problems for your business. Using an HR platform that allows you to store this information digitally on secured servers is the best way to comply with your local government regulations. This way, you can ensure that applicants' data is secure at every step of the hiring and selection process.

4.Use social media platforms

While social media use remains a major problem for hiring managers, it can help you attract and reach a larger pool of talent. Company career pages and online job boards are far from enough to advertise current job openings in your company. Posting job openings on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn is just a first step. It's even better if you manage to generate interest and make recommendations on these platforms.

5.Introduce agile hiring methods

As work becomes increasingly diversified - think telecommuters or millennials, for example - it is important to adopt a flexible recruitment and selection process. An increasingly mobile workforce is an opportunity for HR to expand its talent pool and attract candidates it would not have had access to in the past. Allow virtual interviews and be more flexible with scheduling to accommodate time differences. A lengthy hiring process can also be a real killer. Of course, asking applicants to complete tasks and projects is a good way to test their skills and abilities, but be reasonable about what you ask. Consider your applicants' needs and expectations to develop a range of benefits programs that meet a wider range of personas and increase your attractiveness as an employer.

6.Optimize the recruiting funnel

Just like sales or marketing, HR should also follow a conversion funnel for best recruiting practices and selection processes. How many applications do you receive? How many of these applications result in an interview? How many people do you need to interview to fill a vacant position? These are some of the questions you should be able to answer to create benchmarks to compare and improve against.

Incorporate efficiency and precision into your recruitment process by seamlessly integrating the IceHrm's recruitment module, unlocking a world of automated possibilities to attract, assess, and onboard top talent effortlessly.

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