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20+ Onboarding Tasks to Make New Employees Feel Welcome

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When a new employee joins your team, their first impression of the company can shape their perception of everything that comes after.

Yet too many companies waste hundreds of hours on paperwork and other manual tasks - while losing focus on important onboarding tasks that help new employees feel welcome and supported.

We recently surveyed more than 75 HR leaders and hiring managers who cited unclear expectations, technical pitfalls, and information overload as the most common pitfalls.

Developing an onboarding checklist can help you avoid these types of oversights. An onboarding checklist documents important tasks, from entering tax forms to scheduling introductory meetings. Not only will your company align with best practices, but it will also provide a consistent, thoughtful experience for all new employees.

In 2022 alone, IceHrm helped companies hire more than 735,000 new employees. Our award-winning HR software makes it easy to customize onboarding checklists, collect electronic signatures, and offer self-service options that streamline the onboarding process.

Onboarding Checklist: 22 Important Tasks

Tasks for Managers

  • Share the good news! Send a welcome email introducing your new employee.
  • Assign your new employee a mentor and/or onboarding buddy.
  • Invite your new employee to recurring one-on-one meetings to check in regularly.
  • Schedule the new employee's first day meetings, prioritizing introductory meetings with colleagues who will work closely with the new employee.
  • Coordinate a welcome meeting or phone call to kick off your new employee's first day.
  • If necessary, arrange a welcome dinner with the new employee's team.
  • Introduce the new employee to the company and explain what role they will take on and what performance expectations you will have of them.
  • Show your new employee around the office.

Tasks for The HR Department

  • Send out a new employee welcome packet that includes the forms and documents that new employees must complete.
  • Document the new employee's role and compensation information in your HRIS system or records.
  • Add the new employee to the payroll.
  • Share key company policies including:
        Operating hours
         Dress code
         Directions and parking information
         Advice on what to bring on the first day (e.g. I9 documents, direct deposit           information, etc.)
  • Schedule introductory meetings to go over paperwork, including benefits, direct deposits and company policies.
  • If your company conducts regular reviews (e.g. after a 90-day trial period), plan for these and other key milestones.
  • Ask new hires to complete a background check (if applicable).
  • Send the new employee for a drug test (if applicable).

Checklist for IT Implementation

  • Create an email address for the new employee.
  • Set up account permissions for any platforms or software required for the role.
  • Prepare a computer and any telephone equipment or technology accessories the new employee will need.

Checklist for The Mentor or Onboarding Buddy

  • Schedule regular meetings for the first two weeks.
  • Invite new employees to sit in on relevant meetings or projects.
  • Be available for ad hoc questions throughout the day!

Required Onboarding Documents for Newly Hired Employees

  • Forms for registering for social benefits
  • Emergency contact information
  • Employee handbook with all company policies
  • Direct deposit and payroll information
  • Form I-9 (Verification of Employment Eligibility)Non-disclosure agreement, non-compete agreement or non-disclosure agreement (if applicable)
  • State Tax Withholding Form (varies by location)

Checklist for Training New Employees

While onboarding is a continuous process, orientation refers to a new employee's first day of work. You can adapt orientation best practices for both remote and on-site employees - the key is to ensure that all new employees immediately feel welcomed, included and supported.

On-Site Orientation

  • Show new employees your new office space, including key areas like the mailroom, break room, or kitchen.
  • Provide a key or fob so that new employees have access to the building.
  • Set up the new employee's workspace, including all needed equipment (e.g. computer, phone, business cards, office supplies, etc.).
  • Place a welcome gift on the new employee's desk (usually a company gift such as a mug, t-shirt, or stationery).
  • Provide a uniform (if applicable).

Virtual Orientation

  • Make sure new employees have access to all communication platforms, including email, video calls and instant messaging.
  • Consider providing a work from home allowance so the new employees can purchase office furniture or supplies they need.
  • Send your new employee a welcome gift (usually a company gift like a mug, t-shirt, or stationery).
  • Communicate your expectations for device security.

Efficient onboarding is crucial for a positive employee experience. IceHrm, with its user-friendly HR software, offers a seamless onboarding solution. From customizable checklists to streamlined document processes, IceHrm ensures a consistent and welcoming experience, fostering a strong foundation for employee success.

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