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Navigating HR Tool Integration: A Quick Guide to HRIS Harmony

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Buzzwords like “integration” and “API” can be a mystery to HR teams. You've probably heard these terms before, but what do they mean for your team and your strategy?

As the HR industry evolves and becomes more reliant on technology, you may find yourself constantly switching between different systems. Having one system for recording HR data, another for payroll, and another for checking employee timesheets costs you valuable time, and manually entering the same data into multiple systems can increase the risk of errors.

To increase efficiency and productivity, all of your HR tools need to work together - and that requires integrations.

More than 30,000 companies use IceHrm - and nearly two-thirds of our customers use multiple integrations to achieve a wide range of business goals, from recruiting to company culture.

Read on to break down the software jargon and learn how HRIS integrations can support your most impactful strategies - and how the IceHrm Marketplace can help.

What are APIs and Integrations?

The terms "APIs" and "integrations" are often used together and referred to as "API integrations." Although the terms are related, there are some key differences between the two terms.

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is the interface through which two applications communicate with each other.

What is an HRIS integration?

An integration or API integration is when two or more applications are connected to each other via their APIs in order to communicate with each other or exchange data.

HR professionals are primarily concerned with HRIS integrations - a type of integration specifically tied to their HRIS.

How do APIs and HRIS integrations work together?

An API integration is a partnership between two systems to send data and incorporate some functionality of one system into another without having to switch between multiple systems or constantly synchronize data.

Let's say you need to run a background check, but your ATS doesn't offer this feature. You have to go back and forth between the two systems, inserting, updating and sending information. That means a lot of clicks for you.

An integration allows you to connect your ATS to your background check software so that data flows back and forth between the two systems and you don't have to constantly switch back and forth between the two systems.

In this example, it is the API that allows the ATS and the background checking platform to communicate with each other; Integration is the task that they perform together.

By leveraging APIs to share data, companies can integrate different software to streamline workflows and create a more cohesive technical package for their HR practices.

4 ways integrations can transform the way you work

1.Access to a single data source

Instead of piecing together the best HR solution for your company by purchasing multiple software systems and only leveraging elements of each system, API integrations allow you to create a custom and cohesive system that connects the most accurate and up-to-date data to a single source.

2.Create an adaptable system

It's rare that a single piece of software can meet the needs of your entire business. Integrations allow you to create an effective and optimized solution tailored specifically to your needs.

3.Avoid double entries

With integrations, you don't have to enter data into multiple platforms, which is a huge time saver. When you post a new job through IceHrm and use our Indeed integration, you can post the job directly to Indeed. On the other hand, applicants can apply directly to Indeed. No additional steps or redundancies, just a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Reduce errors

Integrations connect data to ensure everyone is working with the best information - and it all happens automatically. When people are tasked with copying or checking data in different applications, errors are inevitable. However, automatic API integrations ensure that the most accurate data is automatically exchanged with all connected systems.

As technology grows and expands, there are countless niche service providers. When you integrate the most important of these applications into your existing software, you get the best of both worlds: the most robust technology tailored to your business's exact needs, without having to wade through each individual system.

Integrating systems helps HR teams streamline processes and create efficiencies that result in less time spent on repetitive tasks and more time on relationship building and strategic, big-picture thinking.

Next steps: Explore the IceHrm Marketplace

The IceHrm Marketplace is your contact point for HR applications that can be integrated into IceHrm and optimize your HR work. In our integration library you will find all the applications that you can seamlessly integrate with the software you already use to make life easier for yourself and your team.

Here are some of the integrations in the IceHrm Marketplace:

  • Checkr. Screening potential employees becomes easier by integrating Checkr's AI-powered background checks directly into IceHrm - for fast, secure and legally compliant background checks.
  • Slack. Calculate days off, see who's off, search for colleagues in the employee directory, and other  IceHrm information without leaving Slack.
  • Google Single Sign On. Don't let multiple logins slow you down. With Google Single Sign-On, employees can access their  IceHrm  account using their Google Account credentials.

In conclusion, as the HR industry evolves, efficient collaboration among various tools is crucial. IceHrm's integrations and API functionalities streamline workflows, providing a seamless experience. Explore the IceHrm Marketplace for diverse integrations, enhancing your HR processes and boosting overall efficiency. Simplify your HR tasks with IceHrm – where integration meets innovation.

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