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11 HR Apps that Simplify the Workday of an HR Manager

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As a human resources (HR) manager, you face the daunting task of managing a huge amount of information for a large number of people, depending on how large or small your company is. In the ever-evolving digital age, you can improve your productivity by automating your HR workflows.

There are several varieties of HR applications that you can integrate into your daily routine to save time and money. These HR management applications can help you keep your HR process running smoothly and you can access all the information you need from your mobile device so you don't have to sit at your desk to finish your work.

You can now free up your time and your office by getting rid of huge piles of paper in your cupboards where employee records are stored. By implementing the HR application into your HR management system, you can track information such as payroll, employee vacation requests, travel expense reimbursements and benefits.

Purpose of a Human Resource Management application

An HR management application is a technology that helps you automate and simplify your complex HR processes and manage them without human intervention. There are many applications, from talent acquisition to payroll, and the complexity of these applications varies depending on the process you want to simplify. These applications are usually delivered as a package in the form of HRMS software or HRIS software.

Benefits of using automated HR applications

Automated HR applications that provide access via mobile browsers or a dedicated HRMS application are useful for employees who travel a lot. In addition, HR apps offer a number of benefits.

Automated HR applications:
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Reduction of administrative costs and time
  • Provide immediate access to information
  • Mitigate compliance risks
  • Improving cooperation, and
  • Acceleration of decision making

Top 11 HR management applications that every HR department should use

If you are not sure which process the human resources (HR) department should automate with a personnel management application, here is a list of the few processes that most HR managers need to keep their processes running smoothly:

Employee Information System

Streamline your HR department by adding an automated system to track all employee information and store it in a central location. Once uploaded, all HR data goes through a check and balance process, and you don't have to worry about data loss or errors caused by manual input. The system automatically and routinely creates backup copies of the data.

Request for hiring new employees

It costs money to hire employees, and most companies regularly hire new employees. The use of HR software enables the HR department and HR managers to set clear goals regarding the requirements for applicants, so that there are no misunderstandings. The HR software system also allows both units to monitor the interview and application process in real time.

Applicant tracking

Unified applicant tracking software provides companies with a 360-degree view of their talent acquisition process in real time. With a personalized multi-channel approach, companies can match open positions with the right candidates at the right time. In addition, companies can create a highly collaborative interview process that is simple, effective and accessible on any device.

Training employees

An automated onboarding app for employees allows you to take new employees on board and provide them with everything they need to complete the necessary paperwork and start working. The HR department can send all forms digitally instead of by mail to minimize the time it takes candidates to complete the onboarding process. This also prevents all documents from being lost in transit.

Employee's offboarding

You can use the HR system to process and enter all employee notices. The HR department can conduct a leaving interview, the finance department can ensure that leaving employees are removed from the payroll database, and managers can monitor the transfer of company equipment and key cards. A human resources management application helps your company create a seamless exit process and provide a lasting impression to employees who leave your company.

Management of timesheets

Imagine if you could reduce the time your managers spend going through employees' timesheets and reviewing employees' working hours by the hour. With a personnel administration application, you can track and monitor the data you need to process your payroll without having to enter all the data manually. Your managers can also approve timesheets for payroll without having to go through all the data manually.

Time off management

Approving time off for your employees can be cumbersome if you have to do everything on paper. First, you can easily lose the leave requests that come to your desk on paper. If you do this by email, it's easy to lose track of a request in the sea of emails that bombard your inbox every day. An automated leave management system allows you to streamline requests on a priority basis, track the process and approve or reject them in a timely manner. You can also use the app to check if an employee has enough vacation balance to qualify for leave.

Training administration

Training management apps keep employees engaged and motivated with a dynamic training program that addresses their individual performance trends. Companies can collect constructive feedback from their trainees and analyze it in detail to measure the effectiveness of their training program.

Attendance management

Organizations can stay away from human error and payroll theft by using presence applications that integrate seamlessly with their physical clocks, biometric devices and payroll systems. Attendance management modules help companies configure individual schedules, workweek, weekdays off and vacation lists according to their business needs.

Performance reviews

As part of their work, team managers have many duties that they must fulfill. Updating their employees' performance management is not really one of their daily priorities. But that does not mean it is not important. With a human resources management application, the HR department can encourage managers to include performance appraisals in their schedules so that it is done on time and with due care.

Employee self-service

Employee self-service applications empower employees and company managers through role-specific self-service portals. These applications provide intuitive self-service capabilities that enable organizations to easily organize, manage, and meet the digital needs of their global workforce. Best of all, these self-service tools streamline everything from training requests to networking to charting.

4 Steps to configure your own HR applications

Once you have identified which are the most important HR applications that would change the HR processes in your company, you can build them yourself without writing a line of code or spending too much money on a standard solution.

Evaluate the status quo

Start by describing the current process in each area, including the forms and documents you use to capture, analyze, or report on data about processes such as recruitment, benefits management, and time tracking.  Make sure that you leverage the expertise of the people who perform these tasks on a daily basis, and capture everything to make your workflows as accurate and realistic as possible.

Create your digital workflow

Next, use a code-free HR workflow automation platform like IceHrm. With IceHrm you can configure forms and workflows according to your requirements. Editing and customizing fields and tasks is easy and you can add automated data entry and conditional tasks.

Set up master data records

Simply import your employee master data and other important data records that you need to manage HR processes. You can store them within the HR App so that your processes can access the information, further accelerating processing time and reducing manual errors.


Once you've done the hard work of setting up your HR applications, run some live tests with sample groups. This is a smart way to track down and fix bugs or problems before your HR tools go live with the wider HR team, line managers and employees. Once you have done this, it's time to go live with your new suite of top HR applications across your entire organization!

Say goodbye to manual work and paper templates

Your company can greatly benefit from the implementation of a well-designed human resources management application. It simplifies your daily work for the HR department and frees managers to concentrate on bigger things. This way, you can create a solid foundation for a workplace that is free from paper overload, human error and inefficient processes. All aspects of your HR department run smoothly, and you can rest assured that all documents are safe and secure and regularly backed up to a digital repository.

It's time for you to move your HR processes into the digital age and invest in an HR management system that consists of powerful HR applications. An HR management suite like IceHrm can help you automate your HR processes in minutes.

Companies can use the complete suite of IceHrm with core HR modules, the workforce reporting tool, conditional workflows and self-service portals to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover. Beyond these basic functions, the powerful performance review module helps organizations create a performance-driven culture with automated triggers for improvement plans.

If you are looking for the perfect HR management software, try IceHrm and see how automation can save you time and money!

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