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3 ways in which artificial intelligence can accelerate the recruitment process

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Technological advances further increase the effectiveness of HR professionals as they strive to make their talent management processes smarter, faster and more efficient. From reducing distortions in hiring to screening the first round of applications for performance potential, new technologies such as machine learning have the ability to automate manual processes, reduce human error and eliminate distortions in the hiring process.

Here are three ways HR can use artificial intelligence to make recruitment faster and more efficient;

1. Fast and consistent pre-selection of candidates

One of the most time-consuming steps in the recruitment process is manually reviewing a large number of applications to find the best candidate for a vacancy. To find this star candidate, recruiters or recruiters often have to reduce a pile of inappropriate and in some cases irrelevant applications. Sometimes the sheer volume of applications for a single HR position can be overwhelming. In these cases, the best candidate may be lost in the crowd. By conducting the first round of candidate screening, artificial intelligence can quickly filter out candidates who are not suitable for the job. Based on proven performance data and survey results, artificial intelligence platforms can evaluate thousands of candidates to reduce the pool to those most likely to succeed when engaged.

2. The use of proven performance data

Using proven performance data, HR managers can focus on candidates who possess the broad competencies that determine success in any position. Instead of wasting time on puzzles and multiple personal interviews, artificial intelligence can use proven performance data to identify the traits a candidate is looking for early on.

3. Diversity attracts candidates

Artificial intelligence can also play a crucial role in reducing distortions in recruitment procedures. In addition to the obvious benefits of compliance, more diversified hiring decisions lead to a more attractive employer brand. The lack of diversity in the workplace underscores the importance of having a diverse cohort of employees. After stories about the tarnished internal culture became known, the company made an effort to attract the best talent.

In an already competitive labor market, companies must do their best to attract high-quality candidates. The use of artificial intelligence to support diversity recruitment strengthens an organization’s employer brand and makes it more attractive to potential candidates. A pool of pre-screened, engaged and interested talent can accelerate the hiring process by creating strong talent pools to fill key positions as they become available.

Rather than addressing characteristics such as gender, race, and age, AI technology helps recruiters make more objective hiring decisions by conducting the first round of candidate screening based on survey responses and predictive modeling.

By using proven performance data that free recruiters from puzzles and manual processes, machine learning has the ability to make hiring more effective, efficient and fair than ever before.

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