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Decoding the Role of 360 Degree Feedback in Organizational Growth

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A common question we get is "should we use 360 degree feedback or employee interviews?". It depends on what you do. Are managers expected to conduct performance appraisals with their employees? Is this an official evaluation? Or do you want more reviewers? Is this just a benchmark and not an official evaluation? Do you want to create a feedback mechanism for coaching?

With 360 degree feedback, you can use several assessors, for example superiors, colleagues, direct subordinates, subordinates and external assessors (customers or suppliers), to give feedback on an employee. The feedback is often used as a yardstick in the employee's development plan. In a team-focused atmosphere, 360 degree feedback surveys can be very effective. The employee gets to know how the team members view the employee's performance.

It is important that the feedback is anonymous for the person being assessed. If employees can see the comments and ratings and who gave them, bitterness and tension can arise between the employee and the person who gave the rating.

If you plan to implement a 360 degree feedback process, make sure you have a good performance management system in place before doing so. 360 degree feedback and employee interviews are often used together to create an effective tool for coaching and developing employees.

Incorporating 360 degree feedback in organizational development can provide valuable insights when used alongside effective performance management systems. IceHrm offers seamless integration for a comprehensive approach.

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