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Performance Review in Human Resource Management

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What is mean by performance reviews?

In Human Resource Management we always focus on the term performance review or performance appraisal or also known as performance assessment. This is a formal assessment in which managers assess the performance of a staff member, identify strengths and weaknesses, provide feedback and set targets for future performance. In the past, many organizations have conducted annual performance assessments of all staff; however, an increasing number of companies are moving towards a performance management system, with managers conducting quarterly, monthly or even weekly performance assessments. In fact, some organizations are abandoning formal performance appraisals altogether in favor of flight registration and individual appraisals for rarer managers.

A well-performed performance assessment can help staff understand what they are doing well, how they can improve, how their work fits in with larger business objectives and what is expected of them in the performance of their functions. On the other hand, managers who effectively use performance assessments can better recognize high-performing employees, address problems before they become insurmountable, communicate their expectations, encourage growth and development, and promote employee engagement.

Performance evaluations

The annual performance appraisal is a key element of employee development. Performance appraisal refers to a fair and balanced assessment of an employee’s performance. UT policy HR0129, Performance Review, states that the objective of the annual review is to provide all university staff and their supervisors with the opportunity to do so:

  • Define professional development objectives
  • Discuss work performance
  • Set objectives to contribute to the department’s mission
  • Discuss expectations and results

Several resources are available to help prepare supervisors and employees for the performance appraisal process. For example, online training (Ex: E-learning) and personal training.

Performance Review Modules

The Performance Review Summary module is intended for all staff. A detailed explanation of the components of the summary module and instructions on how to use the module is included in the performance evaluation instruction module.

More reviewers

Only one evaluation report may be submitted per staff member. If an employee is assessed by more than one supervisor, the supervisors must agree on an overall score.

Unsatisfactory performance

The overall performance of 9 or less is considered unsatisfactory. These ratings correspond to the category “Unsatisfactory-Rarely meets expectations”.

Ineligibility for salary increases

Officials whose overall performance appraisal is unsatisfactory shall not be entitled to a general salary increase if it is less than or equal to 9. In addition, employees who have received the currently written warning, final written warning or suspension without pay or who have been demoted for disciplinary reasons within the 12 months immediately preceding the effective date of the linear increase are not entitled to this disciplinary measure until after it has expired.

Performance reviews require the signature

When it comes to performance appraisal it is required all signatures of the employee, the employee’s supervisor and the supervisor’s supervisor to ensure consistency and fairness. Performance evaluation forms are not accepted until all three required signatures have been included. This provision does not apply to the President, Vice-Presidents and other executive level supervisors who report directly to the President, Registrars, and Vice-Chancellors.

Performance Improvement Plan Required

Staff members whose performance appraisal is rated unsatisfactory overall (9 or less) are required to participate in a performance improvement plan. A copy of this document must be sent to HR with the summary form. Performance improvement plans are also strongly recommended for staff with an overall assessment between 10 and 14 years.

In conclusion, a performance review is really important for any organization that expects to retain in the industry. An effective performance appraisal and management process can have a significant impact on employee culture, morale and engagement – all of which improve the employer’s brand and helps retain key talent in a company.

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