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Types of Performance Management Systems

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In the not too distant past, companies were managed in the traditional way, with employees being assessed from time to time to determine their inputs, outputs, and productivity in relation to the organization’s objectives. The system used at that time was cumbersome and time-consuming.

As a result, organizations became aware of the need to change their approach to human resource management. The ensuing restructuring led to the development of a system that dramatically increased organizational efficiency and employee productivity.

This is how performance management systems have emerged.

Statistics on modern performance management systems

80% of the younger generation wants immediate satisfaction rather than a formal review: an annual review leaves a 12-month gap in which outstanding achievements would have been forgotten over time.

90% of performance appraisals are emotionally and mentally stressful: the intense attention paid to recent events and the often discouraging comments undermine a person’s self-confidence. A threatening situation such as this one affects the person’s brain function, as brain research shows.

Only 5% of human resources managers rate performance appraisals as satisfactory: in fact, 95% of managers are dissatisfied with long-standing performance management habits.

51% of employees feel that annual reviews are grossly inaccurate: given that events occurring within 6 months to a year predominate, it may not be inappropriate to say that annual reviews may be irrelevant in this regard. A single report may not adequately capture and cover all aspects. As a result, these reviews tend to be incorrect, biased and demotivating to staff.

What is a performance management system?

A performance management system is a continuous methodical process through which the human resources department of an organization involves employees in improving the effectiveness of the organization, achieving the vision, mission and stated goals of the organization. Performance management includes key human resource functions such as frequent communication, training employees to improve performance, recognizing good work, presenting performance to improve performance, setting goals, continuously reviewing progress and providing real-time feedback.

What is an effective performance management system?

An effective performance management system is a system in which the following steps are carried out:

  • The performance management cycle is continuous, not annual
  • The approval of management, executives and senior staff for performance management has been secured
  • Some verbal performance exchanges and reviews are important and not just routine
  • Check that your managers are willing and able to engage in results-based performance management on a daily basis
  • Use user-friendly performance management software that gives you an overview of performance management activities

Purpose of a performance management system

Improve the company’s profit margin: Performance management improves company performance by reducing staff turnover, thereby increasing the company’s profit margin and achieving excellent business results.

Guide employees to an appropriate career path: In line with global best practice in performance management, managers are expected to guide their subordinates along a clearly defined and progressive career path.

Give employees progressive and valuable feedback: Fast, real-time feedback makes HR-driven performance management systems more attractive and proactive.

Ensure that employees meet SMART goals: Only when employees know exactly what is expected of them can they achieve their goals and exceed expectations. Regularly set, short-term and frequently discussed goals are often more effective.

Ensure that employees’ goals are aligned with and lead the organization’s goals: Human resources uses performance management systems to help employees see the link between their individual goals and the overall strategy of the organization. This gives meaning and purpose to what employees are looking for in their careers.

Different types of performance evaluation systems

The performance appraisal system is the assessment of the employee for his work. The manager, who is closely linked to the employee, monitors and evaluates the employee’s work throughout the year and provides feedback, advice, and guidance. The manager conducts a formal interview with the employee and provides feedback on the employee’s good work and areas for improvement. The manager also identifies opportunities for the employee’s professional development.

Managers are not the only ones involved in the evaluation. Rather, it is an exponentially growing curve each corner is like the self, the colleagues, the manager on the graph, who increase the value of the appraisal process and help them grow along the curve. Let’s just say that these are the following types.

General Appreciation

It is constant communication between the manager and the employee throughout the year. At the end of the year, they determine whether the set objectives have been met, provide feedback and set new objectives.

360-degree evaluation

It allows other employees to provide feedback on their experience with a particular employee. This feedback from colleagues can be verified by the manager and taken into account in the evaluation process.

Technology Performance Evaluation

It assesses an employee’s technical skills. It calculates the employee’s throughput and determines his or her technical soundness.

Employee self-evaluation

The employee assesses himself or herself and is ultimately compared to the results of the manager’s assessment. Discussions follow and, if there are differences, the manager discusses them with the employee.

Performance evaluation by the manager

With this type, managers go through the assessment process. It is the role of the manager that is very important to take care of both the team and the client. The manager has to satisfy the customer without disturbing the morale of the (team) employees. Most of the time the manager’s evaluation process includes feedback from the team members involved and sometimes also from the client.

Review of the project appraisal

This is one of the best ways to determine the quality of an employee’s work. Instead of waiting until the end of the year to evaluate an employee, you can evaluate the employees at the end of each project.

Evaluation of sales performance

A seller is judged by the goals he has set in relation to his results. Salespeople are closely linked to the financial goals of any organization. The manager and the salesperson must find ways to achieve the goals before they set realistic targets.

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