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A good attendance rate in a company indicates an excellent working environment for the employee. Conversely, poor attendance reveals or reveals the truth about an underlying problem in the work process. The underlying problem is directly related to personnel management. You need to map the time and work of each resource in order to make the right profits, which is the most important output you expect from your business.

It all started when the Birmingham City Transport Company first used the Bundy clock system. The system ensured that bus drivers had to leave the bus station for their scheduled journeys each time the Bundy Clock signalled the appropriate time. Today's time clock systems are used in many stores and offices to track the time taken by workers or employees to complete their respective tasks.

Close monitoring is essential, especially when work is the main expenditure category in most companies and organisations. Automated time clock software solutions are being invented as a new version of traditional time clock and punch card systems. Not only do they simplify employee timekeeping requirements, they also help busy HR and payroll managers in many ways.

This article guides you through the most critical aspects and benefits of automated time clock systems. It also includes a list of some free and open source time clock software that is in high demand in today's market.

Why are companies approaching modern time clocking?

Modern time clock systems help employees to check in and out of the office. The traditional process of going to a time clock in another area and checking in has become very time consuming these days. For this reason, the majority of companies are turning to advanced software solutions for time registration.

Sophisticated clock management tools are reliable and efficient. Paper stamp cards can fall out of the cardholder's pocket or be accidentally lost somewhere by an employee. The advanced, state-of-the-art software solutions are free of all annoying manual procedures.

Advanced software solutions for attendance management

Every business or service company needs an instrument for recording the working time of its employees. The reason for the introduction of this system is not to limit the time of employees, but to help build a good reputation of the position, maintain healthy relationships with customers, the health of the company and its future development. Therefore, an accurate, honest and efficient time recording system makes perfect sense.

Online time clock systems assume human responsibility for most of the company's operational activities. Any time-related activity has become easily accounted for today thanks to software solutions for clocks. The top-tier software solutions have add-ons and unique features, but the attendance management software solutions are delivered with the open source, open code base. You can also modify and use the free versions according to your needs. Quality time clock software systems with more accurate data will help your business examine and understand its future benefits and make solid plans for the future.

What are the basic functions of a time clock software?

The time recording software comes with useful tools ranging from the recording of employees' arrival and departure times, time and break planning to the management of holiday plans, task management, employee teams, etc.

Let's take a look at some of the basic functions of the software, which is available in most of the leading time recording systems:
  • Dashboard Manager - To clock in or out, simply use the software's user interface to review schedules and alerts.
  • FaceFront Biometrics - For photo capture and face recognition (to identify that the authorized person is using the system).
  • GPS Tracking - For locating employees through geofencing (marketing and sales professionals and other travelers).
  • Mobile Time Recording - Use time recording functions via smartphones and iPhones.
  • Reports - Track attendance and vacation to maintain different types of reports.

What are the benefits of automated time tracking for your business?

Automated time tracking with state-of-the-art software helps companies run their business proactively, responsibly and cost-effectively.

Let us explore below how it can benefit your business in the long term:
  • Actual billable hours: The automatic time clock system allows you to track your employees' actual billable hours on their various projects. The main advantage of this system is to avoid "punching" or unauthorized punching practices.
  • A solution for labor law violations: the punch clock system records your employees' hours of work in real time and provides a wealth of useful information when needed. Notifications, visual indicators and alerts help both managers and employees manage their schedules effectively. Easy-to-understand "game" features and animations ensure that everyone must take proactive steps to prevent labor law violations.
  • Automatic reminders for breaks and interruptions : The system generates automatic reminders to notify employees when they take regular breaks and if they are leaving sooner or later. This is followed up to increase employee accountability.
  • Easy management of timestamps and payroll: It is essential to manage all timestamps before the end of a pay period. A thorough audit is performed to verify the authenticity of the stamps. If an employee requests the processing of a particular punching or stamping activity, this request is taken into account after approval by the supervisor. Payroll is processed after all required and overtime hours have been accounted for. This encourages employees to work productively.
  • Manage employees using a mobile device: The use of the Internet, text messaging or GPS tracking devices is common in today's business world for recording. This mobile punching and tracking capability is easy and convenient for both employer and employee.
  • Faster demonstrable return on investment: The introduction of a time clock system shows a direct return on investment for a company. This is the result of increased productivity through timely punching, cost management and time savings. It centralizes the company's performance data in one place.

Let's take a look at some of the world-class, free, open-source punching software solutions available online. They are sure to help you effectively manage your company's time and attendance requirements.


A secure, reliable, web-based and cloud-based human resource management software which includes time tracking system. IceHrm is suitable for all sizes of businesses The software is designed for small and medium sized business to track employee time and absence, work schedules, paid holidays, and many more HR related functions.

Unlike the other popular HRM software, you can use one system for all HRM functions. As the other HRM functions are designed for different HRM functions separately, using IceHrm will benefit you to utilize all HRM functions in one software. There are three different editions in IceHrm. Each edition has different features. You have a choice to select which edition will suit your organization according to your HR requirements in the organization. Also, you can purchase the IceHrm software based on the number of employees in your organization.


  • AI-based face recognition feature eliminates the need for a username and password to show.
  • The software supports the use of an external barcode or QR code reader. Employees can quickly log in with their smartphone camera to scan the QR code.
  • The ability to use Google Map is available to define GPS zones.
  • IceHrm software allows employees to benefit from paid vacation and accruals.
  • IceHrm offers free mobile apps downloadable to iPhone/iPad and Android that take less than 5 seconds to get in/out.
  • The software works effectively for tracking orders or tasks in the portal.
    Each stamp can then easily record GPS positions and photos.
  • The software supports an unlimited number of employees.

In case you want to learn more about how you can use the IceHrm software for your HR responsibilities, you can easily sign up for a free trial here.


TimeTrex is a leading company in the field of workforce management. It is a free, open source time clock software that helps its users to use advanced and sophisticated biometric time clocks. The community edition of the software is the most popular open source payroll and time management software. Networks of volunteers in more than 50 countries around the world support the TimeTrex software.

Features :

  • TimeTrex turns smartphones and tablets into advanced touchscreen clocks with face recognition.
  • TimeTrex offers free mobile apps downloadable to iPhone/iPad and Android that take less than 5 seconds to get in/out.
  • The software works effectively for tracking orders or tasks in the portal.
    Each stamp can then easily record GPS positions and photos.
  • The software supports an unlimited number of employees.
    The software is compatible with firewalls and runs on WiFi or mobile phone (3G/4G/LTE).


ZoomShift is a well-known time clock software and application designed for hourly working workers. Founded in 2009, it continues to provide the best solutions for employers and managers to spend less time planning and more time investing in their team and business.

Features :

  • ZoomShift's free web and mobile time clocks are very effective for tracking employee work hours, GPS and whitelist IP addresses.
  • It avoids costly timesheet errors and sends a reminder in advance. It blocks early comings and goings and repairs missed shots.
  • Users can customize payroll reports when they want to export all the information they need.
  • Timesheets can be edited at any time via free applications for iPhone and Android.
  • Users can also subscribe to their ZoomShift calendar from other calendar applications such as Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar.

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