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Holiday mood and work deadlines under control

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As the holidays approach, your workplace becomes overshadowed by looming deadlines, much like an endless holiday to-do list. Imagine having to wrap tons of presents while untangling an unruly string of lights - that's the essence of juggling work commitments and the holiday spirit. A study by the American Psychological Association found that 38% of people feel their stress increases during the holidays. This blog aims to guide you through this hectic time and aim for a balance of productivity and celebration.

Planning is your north star

Start by planning your work commitments and deadlines. If you know what needs to be done and when it is due, half the battle is already won. Next, plan the holiday activities you don't want to miss - whether it's a family reunion, a trip to the market, or just some time to soak up the festive atmosphere. Try to manage your time realistically; Don't pack your schedule too tightly. Leave some room for unexpected surprises or last-minute work tasks.

‍In short, a good plan is the magic ingredient that will ensure you enjoy the holidays to the fullest while managing your work.

‍Set realistic goals

With the holidays around the corner, it's tempting to load up the work sleigh like Santa, but remember that even Santa has his limits!

Start by identifying the most important tasks. Consider these the most important items on your to-do list that you absolutely must complete before you can relax and enjoy your break. Once you've identified and planned these important tasks, you can focus on the less important ones. Keep the list light, manageable and, above all, realistic. After all, a smoothly running sleigh makes for a much more fun ride!

‍The art of saying “no.”

When additional obligations come knocking on your door, it's important to know when to open the door and when to politely decline. Saying no doesn't mean you're the Grinch. Rather, it means that you are realistic about what you can handle. Despite the need to set boundaries, a LinkedIn survey found that 58% of employees would say yes to extra work to impress their boss, highlighting a conflict between personal well-being and workplace expectations. So how can you say no say without feeling like you've taken the last Christmas cookie out of the tin? The most important thing is to be polite but firm. Accept the request, be excited about the opportunity, but make it clear how much work you currently have.

Switch off like it's a snow day

In this screen-saturated world, switching off can be the ticket to a little peace and quiet. It's about rediscovering the joys of life beyond the light of a screen. Remember: your phone won't feel lonely if you leave it alone for a while, but your mind will definitely be grateful for the breather. It's not just about disconnecting, but also about reconnecting with the world around you and finding joy in the simple things.
Here's a strategy to make this work: Set specific times each day when no screen is on. Maybe during dinner, in the first hour after waking up, or right before bed. View these times as sacred, non-negotiable appointments with yourself.

‍Delegate like Santa’s elves

Correct delegation not only relieves you, but also strengthens your team, creates trust and increases efficiency. It's about teamwork and knowing who is best suited to the task at hand. A good strategy is to be clear about what needs to be done and who can do it best. It's not about pushing the work off, but about distributing the load intelligently. This approach is supported by a Deloitte study that found that effective delegation can increase employee satisfaction by up to 33%. It highlights the importance of delegating tasks to creating a harmonious and productive work environment during the busy holiday season.

‍So there you have it, your holiday survival kit, packed with strategies for tinkering all season long without the work turning you into a cheapskate with Icehrm.

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