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Difficulties in Manual Attendance Tracking

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The process of tracking working times has always been a complicated task. Over the years, several solutions have been developed to record the presence of employees. The most popular of these traditional manual attendance tracking systems are the time card, the perforation clock, and the time sheets.

Each of these options has its own disadvantages. In recent decades, companies have slowly begun to integrate software and modern clock terminals to better track the attendance of employees. Discover the drawbacks of using traditional systems and why you should consider upgrading to an automated time recording solution.

In the 20th century, the need to accurately record employees’ working hours became an integral part of the company’s management. Legislation has been enacted to protect employees and ensure that they receive adequate compensation. Companies have begun to use various methods to record employee time. While these methods allowed companies to record employee time, they also had shortcomings.

The main disadvantages of these traditional systems are as follows;

There is a risk of human error

When you rely on punched cards or time sheets, there is always a risk of human error. Employees may record their hours of work incorrectly in a time sheet or the information may be incorrectly entered into your payroll software.

These errors often occur in the workplace when you use manual time tracking solutions. Your personnel department can spend a lot of time correcting these errors. Unrecorded errors can lead to incorrect employee payments and other payroll issues.

Employees can commit time theft

Manual time sheets and punched cards do not prevent time theft or punching by friends. With manual time recording, an employee can use another punch card to register for his or her shift. This is called buddy punching and is a common problem in large companies.

Manual time entry is very time-consuming

A lot of time is spent on attendance  time sheets. Your employees may have to queue to enter or exit and your human resources department may spend time dealing with time on time ticket issues. This may include replacing the scorecard, correcting time entry errors and errors, and other problems that occur when using manual time recording systems.

Are ineffective and outdated

Ultimately, the manual on clock piercing in systems is ineffective and outdated. They can have a significant impact on your company’s performance. Clock errors can be costly to your business. These problems are growing with a big company.

You can minimize the inconvenience of using manual drilling clock solutions when you only have a dozen employees. But with a thousand or more employees, you could lose thousands of dollars in payroll errors and time theft every month.

Keyboard and printing errors

From collecting attendance data to collecting percentage data for each student, everything depends on manual data entry. A simple error in manual data entry can lead to an error in a student’s total attendance percentage. You can avoid this by checking all the details after each lesson. Also, try to enter the data daily and make sure they are not overloaded.

No review of your eligibility requirements

Create a student attendance policy based on your school’s priorities and principles. The Attendance Policy ensures that all school staff and managers are aware of good attendance practices. Try to review and follow your school’s attendance policies, which include verbal warnings, written warnings, optional and mandatory vacation markings, vacation approval policies, etc.

Incorrect Entry of Times

Teachers and staff get on and off and make their way through various time recording options, such as timers, touch screen kiosks, PCs, mobile phones, etc. Automatic time recording reduces administrative costs and improves efficiency. However, for this system to work properly, it needs to be integrated into your billing module. Biometric assistance is one of the safest methods of time recording. It avoids common time theft practices such as hitting a friend.

Too much paperwork

Managing this growing batch of data requires a system that ensures that information is archived, found, and retrieved quickly and efficiently. Paperwork can take up a lot of space if the presence is marked in the records. If your school has multiple offices, it will be even more difficult to access documents from each office in different locations. If you are still responding on paper based on the attendance system, you are more likely to choose attendance incorrectly.

Obsolete Systems

The use of obsolete systems carries the risk of system crashes, security issues and loss of valuable information: Have you thought about what could happen if your system does not process payroll correctly and becomes an employee complaint? A modern attendance management system reduces stress, saves time and improves accuracy.

Given the few common errors you can make in attendance tracking, an all-in-one solution would be to implement automated school attendance management software that integrates intelligently with your payroll and leave management system. The result is error reduction, no stress, better management, and greater efficiency.

The advantages of upgrading to an automated time tracking solution

Now that you understand the main disadvantages of using a traditional timekeeping system, discover the advantages of automated time tracking software. Technology is constantly evolving. It makes perfect sense that the way employees’ time is tracked is part of modern technology. Find out why advanced time tracking software is the perfect solution for any business.

What is an automated time tracking software? It is essentially software that records employee attendance and exports data to a payroll or accounting system. The method used to mark entry and exit may vary. Available options include biometric terminals, proximity terminals, mobile watches, fixed-line watches and web watches.

Each of these options can be combined with other personnel management solutions, such as candidate list software and human resources management software. You can create a time tracking solution tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Prevent payroll errors

Why is a time tracking solution more advantageous than traditional clock drilling systems? On the one hand, they eliminate the risk of human error. Common payroll errors in manual options are not a problem when the software automatically compiles employee attendance data.

Prevent time theft

If you choose to use biometric terminals, you can eliminate the possibility of time theft. A biometric terminal requires employees to scan their fingerprints. The system then checks the employee’s identity and enters it into the system. Punching between friends and other forms of time fraud are simply not possible with a biometric terminal.

Improve efficiency and productivity

When using time tracking software, you should notice an increase in productivity and efficiency. Many of the tasks associated with handling punched cards and time sheets have become obsolete. Data is sent electronically from the punching terminal to the time tracking system where your human resources department or managers can access employee assistance. Less time is spent on attendance issues.

More than two-thirds of companies still use manual punching systems. It may be time for you to consider moving to an automated time tracking solution. Learn more about time tracking software and other human resources management solutions.

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