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Advantages of a free open source attendance management system

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One of the most important tasks for HR employees in managing the presence of employees. An HR strategy for attendance management is necessary to gain control over employees’ time in order to reduce employee downtime in the company.

A good attendance rate in a company indicates an excellent working environment for the employee. Conversely, poor attendance reveals or reveals the truth about an underlying problem in the work process. The underlying problem is directly related to personnel management. You need to map the time and work of each resource in order to make the right profits, which is the most important output you expect from your business.

A new way for the HR department to manage attendance

The benefits of a human resources management system in the workplace are considerable. For example, everyone should have noticed that attendance management has evolved from the old physical recording of staff entries to the latest methods such as biometric identification or punching machines. The benefits of these attendance management systems are important because they play a significant role in managing an organization’s payroll and employees.

A database for creating payroll accounting collects and stores attendance data. However, if you want to improve the company’s performance and its ability to process attendance, and also improve production, you can integrate the reports from the attendance management system with the HRMS plan. HRMS will immediately enter and expand attendance information using different types of formats. Once you have processed the attendance in your HRMS tool, you will see the increase in many benefits. Now, let’s discover these valuable benefits.

Simple Payroll

If the data associated with attendance circulates efficiently and without blockage or leakage in the payroll module, the resulting process enables payments to be processed quickly and easily. The enormous problem of extracting data from different locations is eliminated by the perfect HRMS tool. What helps you a lot in this process is the end-to-end HRMS tool, which is the only source of truth about your company. These processes provide important personnel information at one level and are used throughout the personnel lifecycle for better administration and management.

Benefits of the Open Source HRMS Attendance Module

  • Nothing improves time management more than the presence module in the Open HRMS tool. Take a look at the following steps and the many benefits of this process:
  • Employee presence can be captured from a variety of sources, such as the employee login portal, where employees can mark their presence, or third-party hardware, such as biometric devices that allow employees to mark their presence using their personal identification number or by swiping the badge.
  • Biometric Device Configuration — Integrates biometric devices to detect thumb and face, ensuring flawless and seamless presence detection.
  • Vacation policy — Configures different types of vacation, including sick leave, compensatory leave, unpaid leave, etc.
  • Holiday policy — Configures different types of holiday, including sick leave, compensatory leave, unpaid leave, etc. Creates a transparent leave policy for your organization.
  • Automatic leave request — Set up an email for the leave request and any email in the required format will automatically be converted into a leave request in Open HRMS.
  • Set up multiple approval points for specific leave days so that the relevant authorities can effectively review leave requests.

Receive leave requests from employees and process them in a more organized way. Enables you to receive leave confirmations and sanction unpaid leave.

Ensures that overlapping leave requests are displayed and managed accordingly.

As I said before, there are many advantages to integrating HR software into an organization. It can streamline various processes such as the recruitment cycle, attendance management, employee involvement, employee evaluation, employee hours management, etc.

The mechanized timesheets of these tools play an important role in controlling employee engagement and their level of involvement in the workplace. Time recording sheets eliminate common manual errors in the calculation of employee payroll. Functions such as the Time Sheet in the Personnel Administration System help to calculate the exact number of working hours that are included in the payroll calculations. This makes it easy to manage working time.

The process described above also helps you to process overtime bonuses, early retirement, late fines, and minimum working hours for half a day, so that the employee feels comfortable and uncomfortable.

You can easily adjust the work schedules.

1. the process mechanically adjusts the payroll.

2. this task also eliminates all human errors in attendance management.

Immediate presence analysis

The team leader can now view the team’s speed and time data, as HRMS generates real-time information and alerts. The total number of employees working on a task can be checked automatically. You can check data on the number of days of staff absence. This data helps you to make difficult personnel decisions.

Similarly, this data should be included in reports when you evaluate staff performance. The human resources department can now use this assessment as a basis for making decisions about deploying staff. By supporting the dashboard, regardless of location, any manager can effectively monitor the team. This workforce review process helps you minimize losses to the company due to staff downtime.

Daily attendance data is automatically generated for each employee, based on location, department, and team. You can view this data even for remote groups. Complete employee attendance data is useful for creating critical reports. These reports help you make strategic human resources policy decisions by defining key performance indicators (KPIs) for staff evaluation.

Access to data on the move

Staff working methods are now very different. The timing of each employee’s declaration can be very different. Some employees may be consultants who perform tasks from home. The field staff is always mobile. Global companies have even seen an increase in the number of staff teams working remotely.

The HRMS tool allows teams and changes to be adapted to different instances to help each employee. Standard HRMS processes are accessible via mobile phone, making life easier for your employees. They can now add and access the latest data on HR websites. Employees also benefit from a self-service feature allowing them to add working time information online.

Transparent work

Everyone enjoys working in a company that is transparent about every process. The HRMS tool facilitates the company’s personnel management. It ensures that every policy and every list is transparent and can be consulted as soon as it exists.

The approach helps you make good use of effort and time by clarifying and correcting confusion and errors. It also sets the right precedent in the early stages of your business. Give the HRMS tool the exclusive authority to allow employees to access all policy-related data from anywhere.

Reliable and efficient

With the advantage of easy integration and adaptability, the HR management tool helps you create a sophisticated culture of attendance management for your organization. A perfect system helps to find problems and improves the efficiency of the staff. This development is made possible by the many channels through which your staff is managed, such as biometric tools and intellectual property restrictions related to admission. You also get streamlined HRMS processes connected to the cloud, with multiple and distinct benefits, such as geo-classification and the presence of geo-tags, as well as remote control of employees’ work.

Real perspectives in HRMS

The HRMS process also functions beyond the creation of automated attendance data. Any type of information related to specific personnel is added to the main database. This process helps HR employees to easily manage their personnel. The system, as seen above, supports you in various aspects of managing your employees’ attendance.

For example, the attendance control based on HRMS supports the organized work, rules, and discipline of the company. You can now see how this process is fair for each employee. You too are fair to every employee. Good, comprehensive HRMS software ensures that employees are responsive and results-oriented.

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IceHrm is a Human resource management system for small and medium-sized organizations. This HRM software centralizes employee data and allows only one authorized person to access it, providing a high level of security. The presence module monitors employee time based on information about insertion and perforation. It covers all the basic HRM needs of a company such as Time Management, Training, and Development, Attendance Management, Expense management, leave management, Recruitment management and handling employee information.

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