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10 Tips for More Useful Resumes and Cover Letters From Applicants

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If you are hiring young employees, you can point them to a modern CV builder that will help them create the best CV possible. Here are some other ways to attract good applicants.

  1. Be clear in your job description
    Create a clear and concise job description that outlines the duties and responsibilities of the position. Describe the type of candidate you are looking for, as well as preferred skills and qualifications. Be sure to include specific information about the role, job title, location, and salary.
  2. Pay attention to your job posting
    When publishing your job advertisement, pay attention to spelling and grammatical errors and correct formatting. It can be off-putting to job seekers if your job ad is riddled with typos or poorly designed information. Use professional language and attractive, large font.
  3. Request relevant documents
    Do not require applicants to submit many additional documents if they are not necessary. Only request the documents you absolutely need to make a decision, e.g. Evidence of certain certifications. When you have fewer documents to sift through, you can hire applicants much faster.
  4. Get feedback from current employees
    If you have current employees in the position you want to fill, ask them for feedback on your job description and job offer. They can give you insight into what's important for the job, and you can use this information to ensure your job posting is as accurate and detailed as possible.
  5. Keep the application process simple
    Make the application process as simple as possible. Do not burden the applicant with questions that are not necessary, otherwise you will inadvertently reject him. Never ask the applicant to fill out their resume or cover letter if they have already uploaded it.
  6. Offer an incentive
    Offer an incentive to applicants who take the time to complete their applications. Offer a gift certificate or discount on a product or service. If your products are subscription based, offer a free trial. With all of these measures, you thank applicants for their time and create mutual respect.
  7. Highlight the benefits
    Job seekers want more than just a salary. Make sure you highlight any benefits and perks the job offers, such as: E.g. vacation, health insurance or flexible working hours. Showing job seekers the positive aspects of the job can increase the attractiveness of the job to higher-level applicants.
  8. Use targeted advertising
    If you use job boards or other job search sites, try targeted advertising. If done right, targeted advertising can help you get more relevant applications. You can also run targeted ads on social media to reach potential job seekers who are a good fit for your open positions. Additionally, when using job boards, be sure to post your job on sites that attract high-quality contacts who are genuinely interested in the position you are offering.
  9. Build on your brand
    Build your brand as an employer of choice. Post about your employees on your website and social media and celebrate your team's successes. Present your company culture, your achievements and values, and always speak positively about your company and your employees.
  10. Implement a system to keep track
    Organize applications and keep track of applicants by setting up a central HR software system. Use spreadsheets, a project management platform, or an applicant tracking system to store, organize, and track resumes and cover letters. With these tools you will no longer lose applications.

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