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What is Employee Attendance Management and Do you Need It?

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The employees come to work, do their work and go home. Day after day. But sometimes they call in sick or arrive late. Maybe they ask you to change their schedule to fit their personal life. How are you going to manage to keep track of everyone who comes and goes? You need an attendance management system for your employees.

What Is Attendance Management?

Attendance management is the way you keep track of your employees' working hours. It is the system you use to document the time the employees work and the time they take off. Attendance registration can be done by recording the employees' working hours on paper, using spreadsheets, stamping time cards or using an online software for time and attendance registration.

Do You Need an Employee Attendance Management?

All employers should have a system for registering absences for their employees. The system must meet FLSA time tracking requirements no matter how you implement it.

With an attendance management system, you can calculate exactly how many hours your employees work. This is especially useful if you have hourly employees. You must be able to calculate exactly how much salary you owe the employees. And you need to know whether you owe the employees overtime pay.

If you have clerks, you can see how often the employees work. The employees can document their time both inside and outside the company. You can know how hard they work, even when you can't see them.

By tracking the employees' working hours, you will find out if they are punctual. This only works if you require the employees to document exactly when they come and go. You can see if an employee tends to arrive late or leave early.

With attendance management, you can also keep track of how many days off the employees take. This is important if the company has guidelines that allow employees to take a certain number of sick or holiday days.

This Is How You Track Your Employee,s Time

There are several ways to set up a system for absence registration.

With Paper

You can make a timetable on a piece of paper. You can use a simple notebook. You or the employees can write down the dates and times they have worked. You can then use the information to pay the employees.

Using paper is convenient, but it has its drawbacks. It is not certain that you can read what is written. Or the paper may get lost or damaged.

With Time clock

You can install a time stamp in your company. The employees must stamp their time when they arrive at or leave work. It costs a little to set up and maintain a stamping clock.

With Spreadsheets

You can create a timekeeping spreadsheet on your computer. You must enter the employees' hours in the spreadsheet.

With a spreadsheet, you may be able to create formulas to calculate the employees' wages.

With Software for time registration

You can buy time and attendance software online that you can use as an attendance system. With such a program you can register the employees' working hours yourself. You can also set up a self-service solution so that employees can register their time themselves. The employees can also enter used sick and holiday days. The time off is automatically deducted from the total time off that each individual employee is entitled to use.

The time tracking software can be integrated with your payroll system. Once you have approved the employees' time cards, the information is transferred to the payroll program. The payroll program then calculates the employees' wages and deducts all taxes and fees. You can easily pay your employees.

In essence, Employee Attendance Management is crucial for any organization, ensuring accurate time tracking, compliance, and efficient workforce management. Embrace the power of IceHrm to streamline this process for optimal productivity.

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