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Vacation Management System: Costs,Factors, ROI

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Taking time off is good for employees; it prevents burnout and increases job satisfaction. However, vacation management can be a headache for overworked HR teams. Poor absence management can lead to understaffed shifts or costly legal issues. To ensure employees have time to recover and managers don't lose their minds, many companies rely on a vacation management system.

Take advantage of the benefits of an employee attendance management system

What is a vacation management system? This software takes care of all leisure activities and helps organize employees' vacation and absence requests so that there are no surprises later. This not only saves valuable man-hours wasted on inefficient systems. It also limits your company's liability by ensuring that work hours comply with paid time off (PTO) and overtime laws.

Holiday management systems are useful for all businesses, but they are particularly important for hospitality and retail, where an understaffed shift can have serious consequences.

3 Signs You Need an Online Vacation Management System

If you're wondering whether you can afford to invest in an online vacation management system, we have a question for you: Can you afford not to? Here are 3 signs you're more than ready to take the plunge.

  • You feel like the business concierge.

HR managers have a lot on their plate, and processing time off requests is a huge burden. It can take a lot of time to ensure that applications comply with company policies, route them to the appropriate supervisors, and then re-align the schedule to ensure adequate coverage! If you're craving time to focus on the big picture, maybe it's time for a change.

  • The shifts remain unfilled.

When you manage vacation manually, errors and misunderstandings can occur, resulting in missed shifts. This leads to stress and overwork for employees who have to cover an understaffed shift. Worse, customers notice. In the catering and retail sectors, companies rely on regular customers. This means that a poor customer experience can lead to future losses. If you want to minimize human errors and ensure smooth business operations, it's time to consider software.

  • You use Excel for all aspects of human resources management.

If you use spreadsheets to track employee time, PTO, or absences, you could expose your company to legal liability. Be better than Excel! Your employees are valuable, so provide them with the professionalism and transparency they deserve. If you're still doing it the old-fashioned way, vacation management software can help you modernize your system.

6 things vacation management software can do for you

With vacation management software, you can clean up your books and keep employees and bosses happy. Here are the main advantages:

  • Paperless Procedures

Go green! Eliminating paperwork is not only unnecessary and confusing, but it's also good for the environment. Bonus: With an online vacation management system, there are no more lost or misplaced application forms. Everything is in one (digital) place.

  • Reduce the impact of human error:

Automation means no more planning errors. Online requests that can be accepted or rejected mean no more misunderstandings. Roster visualization tools prevent understaffed shifts.

  • Improving interpersonal connectivity

Stop processing applications spontaneously! If employees currently submit vacation requests via email, Post-it, verbally or via courier pigeon, software can streamline and centralize the process.

  • More transparency:

With the right software, both management and employees can view attendance and absence data at any time. Since the information is always up to date and available, employees can sit back, relax and trust the data.

  • Same enforcement:

Are your employees trying to bribe you with cakes and compliments to get their vacation requests approved? A leave management system ensures that every request is treated fairly and in accordance with company policies.

  • Software for recording vacation and sick time:

Track PTO and vacation efficiently to ensure your company remains compliant.

The 8 most important features of a vacation management system

By now you probably agree: it's time to invest in vacation software. Below are the key features to look for when looking for a vacation management system:

  • Streamlining Absence Management

When employees need time off, they can send time off requests to their managers in advance. Supervisors can review the application on their own time and approve or reject the application digitally. Automation also avoids misunderstandings and limits last-minute changes.

  • Team Schedule Snapshot with Attendance Monitoring

Managers can get an overview of the schedule using the team calendar overview feature. This allows supervisors to see who is on the roster and easily identify gaps. This means the floor will never be short-staffed again!

  • Simplified Holiday Policy Submission

A good leave management system will allow HR managers to create different categories of leave, such as sick leave, annual time off, or general holiday. Employees can choose from these categories when making a request. This is an efficient way to make sure employee absence requests adhere to company policy– even before they are made.

  • Liability Control through PTO Management

In order to adhere to paid time off accrual and overtime regulations, it is important that businesses track time off closely. Leave management software will limit legal liability and ease managers’ minds.

  • Create customized reports with an employee monitoring system

Data is the backbone of an efficient company. Using absenteeism tracking software gives managers unprecedented insight into employee absence requesting habits and trends. With this information, managers are better able to make strategic decisions for their company.

  • Integration with other technologies

Employees should be able to access their schedules through the tools they regularly use, like Google Calendar and Slack.

  • Mobile app with employee attendance monitoring system

To improve accessibility, choose a vacation management software that has a mobile app. Employees can submit their applications remotely, and employers can approve them just as quickly.

  • A free trial before you commit

It's not a good idea to decide on a system before you know how it will work for you. Take advantage of free trials of vacation management systems. Once you know it's right for you, you can decide!

FMLA Leave Management Software Compliance: When an employee takes a leave of absence

In addition to sick and vacation days, an employee may need to take a longer vacation. Do not worry! This is easy to manage with time tracking software.

Federal and state laws govern mandatory leaves of absence, including medical leave, military leave, jury duty, and other state-mandated leaves of absence. Employers must provide eligible employees with leave to protect their jobs in these situations.

To comply with FMLA regulations, employers must carefully track employee absences. FMLA guarantees employees 12 weeks of unpaid leave with job protection. You can use this time to recover from an illness, care for a sick family member, or welcome a new child. Employers who do not provide the full 12 weeks may face sanctions.

Absence tracking software can ensure that employers meet their obligations to their employees and provide them with the benefits they are entitled to.

Manage these absences effectively while ensuring you comply with the law with a leave management system. A good vacation management system can revolutionize the way your company tracks vacation, sick time, and more. Invest in vacation management for employees.

  • Quantifying the Advantages of an Efficient Vacation Management System

When evaluating the ROI of absence management software, we must consider both tangible and intangible benefits.

  • Tangible ROI

This is a traditional form of return. You invest X to get Y. For example, automation will reduce the number of hours the HR team spends processing time off requests. If an HR employee currently spends 10 hours per week managing time off requests, the software can help reduce that number to 2. This saves 8 working hours. If this employee makes $45 an hour, 8 hours is worth $360. Saving $360 per week equals $1,440 per month or $17,280 per year. That's a lot of money - but it's not the ROI.

We still need to deduct the cost of the vacation management software. Factorial (which offers many features beyond leave management) costs $3 per month per employee. This means that a company with 100 employees can expect to earn $300 per month or $3600 per year. We subtract these costs from the costs saved: $17,289 - $3,600. Net income is $13,689 per year. We divide the net return by the investment cost and multiply it by 100: (13,689 ÷ 3600) x 100. That's an ROI of 380%. Not bad!

  • Intangible ROI

This is not so easy to measure. Intangible ROI refers to things that have no concrete numerical value, such as: B. Employee satisfaction and long-term company success. For example, let's say employees love the simplicity and transparency of the new system. You'll spend less time haggling over your vacation and more time enjoying it! This contributes to higher employee satisfaction, which in turn improves workplace productivity and employee retention. Employers save money in the long run when they can retain talented and competent employees. You also save on the costs associated with unfilled positions and hiring and training new employees. However, it is difficult to accurately quantify employee satisfaction.

Metrics to consider when calculating the ROI of absence management software

Absence management software contributes to the success of companies in various ways, both tangible and intangible.

  • Harnessing Automation for Time Optimization

With vacation management software, employees can submit vacation requests to their supervisors electronically. You can select the type of leave from categories (sick days, personal days, bereavement leave) specified by management. Supervisors can review all relevant requests on their own time and accept or reject the request as appropriate. By having everything in one place, applications won't get lost on an employee's desk or in a crowded inbox. Applications that need to be approved by multiple supervisors are automatically forwarded to the appropriate departments. This automation keeps exemption requests organized, saving valuable time and reducing the chance of human error. Time is money! Easily streamlining requests frees up the HR team to address more pressing issues.

  • Improved morale and employee retention

A good vacation management software has portals where employees can view their schedules and review their vacation requests. This type of accessibility and transparency leads to higher employee engagement and long-term success. Happier employees are more productive and more likely to stay with the company to contribute their knowledge and experience to the company. Reducing the fluctuation rate is an important goal of every company. By limiting turnover, a company can avoid costly hiring practices and lost productivity that come with unfilled positions.

  • Reduced liability through improved compliance

Some states require employers to track the accrual of paid time off (PTO). Companies must also track time off to comply with Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) laws governing unpaid time off. If the paid or unpaid time off is not recorded correctly, this can lead to high costs afterwards. If a company fails to provide state-regulated time off or overtime pay, it can face legal penalties or even costly lawsuits! Time-off trackers can provide businesses with the protection and security they need.

Measure the ROI of leisure management software

We've already explored how automated applications can generate high ROI. Now let’s explore some other ways vacation management can increase productivity and profitability.

  • The cost of absenteeism

By reducing errors, efficient vacation management software can prevent absenteeism and roster gaps. An example: An employee at a bookstore submits a verbal request for vacation. Her manager promises to think about it, but never gets back to her. The employee assumes the application has been approved and will be two states away when her shift begins on Friday. The manager has to reshuffle the other 5 employees so that someone covers the till. This takes them away from their usual duties of unpacking boxes from retailers, serving customers and stocking shelves. All of this combined reduces the number of books sold.

How many times a month does this bookstore have understaffed shifts due to a faulty vacation management system? This happened 3 times this month. Let's assume that each missed shift costs the bookstore $300 in lost sales. That means the bookstore lost $900 due to absenteeism that month. That's $10,800 per year!

If vacation management software can eliminate these absences, it will effectively earn the company $10,800 per year. To determine ROI, we subtract the cost of the software. Assuming the bookstore has 24 employees, Factorial would cost $72 per month or $864 per year.

Net profit: $10,800 - $864 = $9936

Profitability: (9,936 ÷ 864) x 100 = 1150%.

It's important to remember that vacation management software saves companies time and money in many ways. It reduces absenteeism and also saves working hours. Investing in good software will ultimately lead to greater profitability.

Choosing the Optimal Holiday Planning Software for Your Needs

If you're looking for vacation management software, you may be overwhelmed by the choices. It's important that you find vacation management software with features that work for you and your business. Make sure you find software with automated applications, an employee portal, and a free trial. Investing in vacation management software now will result in savings later.

Use Icehrm's leave management system to make tracking easier and more effective. Examine your options right now! Give your staff more control over their leave administration with a more efficient and effective strategy

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