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The Value of Onboarding in the Recruitment Process

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HR experts work nonstop to optimize the applicant experience, from streamlining the application process to providing the best interview conditions. What occurs, though, once new recruits accept their offer letters? Ironically, most businesses focus solely on hiring while neglecting to consider the value of onboarding.

Here are 5 reasons why developing a good staff onboarding program is essential:

1.Make first impressions matter

It's important for everyone to try to leave a positive impression right away, not just new recruits. By appreciating the value of onboarding, you can ensure that new workers are made to feel welcome from the moment they enter the building.

Send a worker to greet new recruits at the door and show them around your workplace to kick off onboarding. Additionally, this worker may accompany them to their first onboarding meeting, respond to their early inquiries, and even share their own first day at your organization. Host a team meeting or lunch and ask your employees to describe each of their duties on the team in order to introduce new hires to their peers.

Even with a virtual employee onboarding program, you may still leave a lasting impression. Encourage managers and staff to email or use a video conferencing technology to connect with new hires on their first day. Plan a virtual team lunch or happy hour so that new recruits may meet their coworkers, wherever they may be. Making new recruits feel welcome on their first day, whether you onboard them in person or online, will set the tone for the remainder of their employee experience.

2.Employee Introduction to Your Company

Introduce new recruits to your company's goal and culture in addition to introducing them to their coworkers. Talk about your company's key principles and how your workers live them throughout your onboarding training. Explain how new workers may get engaged in your employee resource groups, workplace sports teams, and neighborhood volunteer activities. Mention all of your company benefits so that potential hires can get a sense of your culture right away, whether you have monthly yoga sessions or Bagel Mondays.

It might be intimidating to meet many people all at once, so provide your new recruits the right onboarding materials. Invite staff members from several divisions to introduce themselves throughout sessions to offer participants a glimpse of every division.

3.Boosting Staff Retention

The likelihood of turning new hires into long-term workers rises when successful onboarding is prioritized. An effective onboarding program may really increase employee retention by 82 percent. A new recruit is twice as likely to look for other employment and quit your firm if they don't have a good onboarding experience.

4.Reduce costs and time.

By creating a successful program, you can lower turnover expenses and save time spent on recruitment because onboarding aids in employee retention. As a result, investing in an existing employee's onboarding is less expensive than searching for and hiring a new one.

5.Prepare Employees for Success

As crucial as a new employee's first week is, you must continue to help them beyond onboarding. Have managers get down with new hires to reflect on their first three months at your organization after they reach the 90-day milestone.

Require managers to schedule weekly one-on-one meetings with their team members and encourage them to provide continuing feedback in order to keep your personnel engaged and motivated. No matter the department, conduct yearly performance evaluations and ask staff to create quarterly objectives.

After onboarding, give your staff members the chance to improve by giving them training and development opportunities. Encourage them to go to local conferences and webinars to advance their knowledge in their industry. Establish a cross-departmental mentoring program so that staff members may engage with one another, pick up new skills, and grow as leaders. Giving your staff growth chances on a regular basis will enable them to succeed from the time of recruitment until retirement.

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